March 30, 2020

Things to do to curb the indoor blues

Stuck inside the house and running out of things to do? There are more opportunities than you realize to keep busy inside and curb your indoor blues.

Create a list

Who doesn’t love a good list? Bucket list? Beauty list? Travel list? Any list! Creating a list keeps your mind busy and lets you dream BIG. Start planning your next big trip, write out your list of room renovations, write out all the restaurants in town you’ve been dying to try, a list of chores you want to accomplish that day.

Go big or go home. 

Wash your makeup tools

Ladies, this is something we usually just think about doing, but now we have the time to! If we’re sitting at home, we know we’re not gonna be using our makeup arsenal, so now is the time to get them clean. You’ll notice an immediate difference in the way your makeup applies to your skin and an overall improvement to your complexion. If you’re still noticing complexion issues after washing your makeup tools, you may need to switch up your skincare routine.

Revamp your closet

We all do it, hold on to that favorite shirt or trusty ol’ pair of jeans. But when was the last time you actually wore them? (Can you even remember?) If you haven’t worn it in the past year, it’s time to part ways. If they’re still in good shape, donate! Make room for your next staple piece. While you’re in there making space, you may even stir up some old favorites you didn’t know you were looking for. While you’re at it, sorting through your old shoes and purses isn’t a bad idea too.

Try a new shade of b.tan

It’s true, we’re creatures of habit. We love consistency and routine. But if you’re bored, now is as good of a time as ever to try something new! Are you obsessed with our tanned AF mousse? Why don’t you switch it up and try our tanned AF bronzing mist? If you prefer the mousse, why don’t you switch up the shade and try love at first tan. This violet based dark tan mousse knocks out orange tones for a darker, natural-looking tan. The world is your oyster.

Improve your social media presence

You’ll for sure be on your phone while you’re at home, so all the more reason to take a good look at your profiles. When was the last time you updated your profile pic? See any embarrassing photos on your page? Still following your ex? Give your profiles the love and attention they deserve! Post that new selfie, try that new TikTok challenge, block your ex, follow b.tan! Take back control of your digital presence.

Make a YouTube video

Has everyone been asking you which tan you use? If they have, why not share it with the world! Make a video and show them your self tan routine, show them your at-home-for-the-day routine. It might just become your new hobby as a beauty vlogger, and even end up getting a following!

Embrace the lull

As mind-numbing as it may feel, when was the last time you were actually told to sit back and relax? That you actually get to have time for yourself and what you want to do. We’re constantly told that if we’re not busy, we’re doing it wrong. So embrace it, you never know when you may have it back.



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