March 19, 2019

Should you have a dress code in your beauty business?

There’s no denying the fact that, in a beauty business, the appearance of you and your staff is vital. From clothing to grooming, what you…

February 18, 2019

Content ideas for your salon or beauty biz social media

There’s no doubt that social media is a super valuable resource for marketing your beauty business or salon to gain new clients and engage current…

January 20, 2019

Salon Trends for Your 2019 Marketing Plan

The rise of digital and social media marketing has proven to be a huge success for beauty salons and mobile beauticians already. Now there are…

January 3, 2019

Planning for the new year in your beauty business

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on how your beauty business has been performing and to plan where you’d like…

November 5, 2018

5 Mistakes Salon Owners Make and How to Fix Them

Running a beauty business or salon isn’t always the smoothest process and it’s one that requires constant learning. This can mean you’re pretty open to…

September 5, 2018

Should you be outsourcing in your beauty business?

The process of running a successful beauty business requires patience, skill, dedication and a whole lot of little things in between to keep you busy.…

July 20, 2018

Simple Steps to Starting Your Beauty Business

Becoming your own business owner and offering a service that you love doing can be a scary, daunting venture… but it doesn’t have to be if…

June 5, 2018

Self-care for the beauty business owner

Wake up, just to hit the ground running? Most business owners do. Some have children and/or fur babies that require just as much attention, if…

April 26, 2018

6 tips to improve your salon website

Perfecting the website for your salon is vital for attracting more customers while also making it easier for existing customers to stick with you due…

April 16, 2018

Tips to Attract Younger Clients to Your Salon

Running a beauty business is super fun. Running a beauty business with a whole range of clients is even better! That’s why it’s so important to…



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