March 27, 2018

How to get your photos regrammed

There’s nothing like the first time one of your favorite brands regrams a photo of yours. All the most popular beauty and fashion companies have plenty of people tagging them on Instagram, though, and if you want to get regrammed by one of them, then you need to stand out from crowd but also fit in with their branding and social feed. Here’s a simple way to make your shots super regrammable.

1. Research the Brands

You know how you’re supposed to tailor your resume and cover letter for the company when you apply for a job? The same is true when you’re trying to get a company to regram your shot. You need to tailor your shot to that company’s style.

Look at the company’s Instagram to see what kind of photos it posts and regrams. Pay attention to the usual color scheme in the photos and any other attributes they have in common.

2. Choose the Right Products

You obviously need to have at least one of the company’s products in your photo to stand a chance of getting regrammed, but choose wisely here. Companies want to promote their current products. If you take a photo of a product the company sold two seasons ago that isn’t even available anymore, it probably won’t regram your photo, because it makes no sense to promote a product people can’t buy anymore.

Be careful about any other products you have in your photo, as well. If there’s also a product from a company’s competitor in your photo, it’s likely they won’t regram it on their own feed.


3. Make Sure Your Shots Are High Quality

The more professional your pictures look, the better your odds are at getting regrammed. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to learn how to get great shots for Instagram.

The most important thing you need for high-quality photos is natural lighting. Use the focus to hone in on your subject, and make sure that the rest of the picture supports the subject without drawing attention from it. Negative space can be perfect for this. Take a lot of photos and try different angles, as this will give you more options to choose from later.

How the product is positioned in the photo is also as important. Brands love when the product is immediately in the shot, for example, holding a bottle of self tan next to the results it produced will be content brands are likely to promote as making their brand look great.

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4. Use the Right Tags and Hashtags

Once you’ve got your photo ready, it’s time to try getting the company’s attention! Tag its Instagram account in your main caption as well as the photo itself. And if the brand has multiple accounts (such as an international account and an account for your city or state), why not tag both?

See what hashtags the company likes to use – these will be either in its profile or in its posts. Include those hashtags with your photo.

Getting regrammed by your fave brands can be super exciting, so taking these bite-sized tips on board next time you talk about a product on your social media may just increase your chances of Insta fame! 😉

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