September 10, 2020

How to Make Your Dark Tan Last Longer

Maybe you’re new to self tan or a seasoned pro, but you never stop your search for the next best way to keep your fake tan glowing for longer. Here are some of our tips and best practices to make your dark tan last longer. 

Know your goals

Before using self tan, make sure you’re using the right product to get the job done. Are you looking for that classic dark tan? Our tanned AF is our best seller and a crowd fave. Wanting an ultra dark tan with a cool finish? too tan to give a damn is here to satisfy your tanning addiction. Just looking for a hint of color to help you glow on with your day? Our gradual self tan mousse just shut up and sun kiss me is perfect for you.


Most artists like to work on that blank clean canvas, and you do too! 

Exfoliating and shaving is key to a flawless tan. It’s important to ensure your old tan & any dirt and dry skin is removed before tanning. We always recommend shaving at least 24 hours before as it can not only act as an exfoliator but also open your pores.

Not only does prepping your skin give you the best immediate results, but it’ll help you keep your results looking fresh for longer.

Avoid hot showers

Our b.tanners already know that they need to rinse off our tans with lukewarm water for 45 seconds after their tan sesh, but did you know that repeated exposure to hot water can cause your tan to fade faster? 

Shorter, cooler showers will keep your skin glowing for a bit longer.

Moisturize & hydrate

Hydrating your skin starts from within. Keeping up your water intake along with a regular routine moisturizing after a shower to help lock in that moisture is the perfect way to extend your tan. Why not use our gradual moisturizer it’s love. a daily moisturiser that makes me glow for an extra pop of color in between your tan days.

Try our ultra long last tan

Looking to scrap your weekly tan routine all together and in need of that long term commitment from your tan? you can now b.tan forever + ever (well up to 11 days anyways). Pair up this ultra long lasting tan with our gradual face mist you glow girl for daily top ups for your longest and glowiest look yet.

Shop the entire b.tan range here at



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