July 18, 2020

Which product is best for you?

When you begin to explore the world of self tan, it can seem a bit daunting. The combination of lotions, gradual tans, instant tans, mousses and mists are endless. What is the difference? What’s the best results? Easiest to use? And ultimately, what will work best for you?

Lotions, mousses, and sprays, oh my!

Mousse – a light weight, rich formula. It’s best applied with a tanning mitt and rubbed in a circular motion for a dark, streak free finish.
Lotion – a great way to build up color over a few days or help maintain your current tan.
Mist – usually comes in an aerosol can and is great for hard to apply places like your back!
Tanning drops – a great way to add a few drops of tanning solution to your everyday moisturizers and lotions.
Towelette – easy to use wipes loaded with DHA offer a lot of control for first timers. Get really great coverage.

b.tan products

Mousse based tans are at the heart of our collection. When applied with our mitt, ‘i don’t want tan on my hands’, you can expect a rich, streak free tan. Our core tan products include guide bronzers, which help you make sure you didn’t miss a spot!

Many of our tans develop in as little as an hour – even though many of you like to leave it on for 4+ hours for your deepest darkest tan yet.

Besides our line of one hour mousses, we offer a variety of gradual tanners, including ‘it’s love’ daily moisturizer, and our gradual face mist ‘you glow girl’.

Newest addition to the b.tan collection

We’ve heard your pleas, and have been hard at work developing a whole new set of great tan products.

just act natural – Get a bronze glow that just comes naturally with this tanning water enriched with coconut water + vitamin e.
just shut up and sun kiss me – When all you need is a natural sun kissed glow – just shut up and sun kiss me! Embrace your glorious golden self with this gradual tan mousse for a tan your skin will truly love you for.
too tan to give a damn – You asked, we made it! When you like your tan how you like your coffee – dark and too hot for you – this is the tan for you. An insanely dark self tan mousse to slay your tanning game.

Still not sure where to begin? Check out our tan selector to help find the best product for you!



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