October 30, 2019

Get your face glowing with b.tan

When it comes to self tanning, we’re all pretty careful around particular problem areas like the hands, knees and the face. Some of us don’t tan our faces, some of us do it perfectly and some of us haven’t quite nailed it. Now b.tan has launched their new tanning mist that is perfect for the face and body.

b.tan’s NEW you glow girl face and body gradual tanning mist is the perfect solution for tanning your face every day or every other day.


It’s a clear, gradual tan formula so you can easily introduce it into your beauty routine either before bed or in the morning before you apply your makeup. The gradual tan formula will then begin to develop over the next 12 hours into a gorgeous, glowy tan!

This gradual tan formula is ideal for tanning the face as it means you can build up a face tan from scratch or you can simply top up your natural or self tan with it as it begins to fade. We all know that we tend to lose our tan on our faces the quickest as we’re usually washing our faces more than the body and our faces are always out in elements. This is why a dedicated face mist is perfect for easy touch ups whenever you want!

It’s also designed to be super light for the face. While the body has thicker skin that requires more thick products to absorb and create a tan, the skin on our face is so much thinner which is why a lot of people don’t want to use their regular self tan on their face. With such a fine, clear mist you’ll have no bronzers or thick ingredients clogging your pores, so you’ll be less likely to break out or have congested pores if this is a skincare concern of yours.

b.tan’s whole product range is also made from 100% natural DHA, PETA-approved ingredients with no added nasties or parabens. So you can tan your beautiful face knowing that b.tan is looking after your delicate skin.


How to use

We recommend using daily to get your glow on. It’s so easy to use – simply spray your face (and body if you want!) evenly keeping nozzle at least 15cm/6” away from skin, you may want to blend it out if you feel as though you’ve caught some areas more than others. Then, allow a few minutes to dry before applying makeup or sunscreen and you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll. You glow girl!

For more tips on achieving the perfect face tan, click here!

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