May 7, 2020

How to keep your hands clean when you’re on the go

Ever since we were kids, it’s been drilled into our heads to wash our hands and sing along to our ABCs or ‘Happy Birthday’ twice to get the job done. But what happens when you’re in a bind with no soap and water in sight?

Importance of keeping your hands clean

We know that we use our hands for everything, right? Texting, eating, opening doors, greeting someone with a handshake… everything. Not a big deal, right? You wash your hands for the recommended 20 seconds, before and after every meal, but most people don’t

It’s reported that 33% of people don’t use soap when they’re washing their hands, 39% don’t wash after sneezing or coughing into their hands or arms, and the average person only washes their hands for 6 seconds… yikes!

So how do you keep yourself healthy and clean? What happens when you can’t wash with soap and water? That’s where hand sanitizer comes in. 

Hand sanitizer is the perfect addition to any healthy routine. While the CDC recommends you choose soap and water first hand sanitizer should be your go-to in a pinch.

i don’t want germs on my hands

Here at b.tan, our commitment to skin doesn’t stop at tanning… We’ve used our place in the skincare world to innovate and create products to keep our customers clean & healthy.

i don’t want germs on my hands, the newest product from b.clean, is your new partner against grime and will keep your hands clean wherever you go!

Enriched with 100% plant-based squalane and aloe vera to calm, hydrate & lock in that moisture all while protecting your skin.

Moisturizing and cleansing

What makes our hand sanitizer different from the rest? While most sanitizers dry out your hands after multiple uses, ours will moisturize your hands with every drop.

We’ve formulated our hand sanitizer with moisturizing squalane oil and soothing aloe vera.  Our bodies are naturally producing squalene and acts as a natural moisturizer for our skin, so it’s a no brainer that we would put something so natural in our hand sanitizer to keep us clean and moisturized. And aloe vera is a household name known for its natural antibacterial qualities and effects on hydrating your skin.

We offer an alcohol-based and alcohol-free sanitizer, for all of your needs. Check out our full b.clean line of hand sanitizer.



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