Born from innovation, we’re here to push the boundaries of the professional tanning industry. Tried, tested, and trusted by the industry’s most reputable professionals, we continue to develop a new generation of innovative spray tan tools. Our team of industry experts work within the industry, delivering a series of unrivaled world-first innovations – ergonomic & beautifully designed platforms including Micro Whirlwind Technology, Aerodynamic Curved Chambers, Quick Connects, Natural Light
Replication, Intelligent Air Smart Switch, and portable options such as the Bronze Babe Professional, Tan.Handy, & Tan.Lite.

Shop and sample the Mine Spray Tan Equipment range to offer the ultimate
client experience that they’ll always return for.

Tan.Handy Spray Tan Machine


Take spray tanning to the next level with the Tan.Handy Spray Tan Machine. Makes spray tanning easy and portable. Lightweight, compact and completely mobile. Unlike other spray tan machines, this all-in-one spray tan system is a both a spray tan applicator gun and mini turbine in one hand-held unit. No need to carry separate hoses or spray tan machines any longer. This spray tan machine provides salon-quality spray tans while also being totally portable and easy to carry, store and transport.

  • Easy & Portable Spray Tanning
  • Powerful Atomization & Variable Speed
  • New Excess 3 Applicator
Tan.Lite spray tan machine

TAN.LITE 32000

The Tan.Lite 32000 Spray Tan Machine delivers an ultra fine spray mist for accurate and even streak-free professional spray tanning. The ergonomic, lightweight design makes it ideal for both salons and mobile tanners. This Innovative machine uses Micro-Whirlwind Technology To create a continuous stream of smooth air for a more Constant flow pattern to enable more Accurate, streak-free tanning. Compact in size, it can be easily to wall or can be placed on the floor.

  • Compact, Lightweight, & Wall-Mountable
  • Flawless, Touch-Dry Results
  • New Excess 3 Applicator
Spray Tan Booth


The All in One Tan.Booth combines a Spray Tan Machine with Clean Air Overspray Extraction in one professional enclosure. Using innovative Micro-Whirlwind Technology, it’s the perfect investment for any salon wanting to create a dedicated spray tan area with the latest spray tan technology. The All in One Tan.Booth has 4 fans from top to bottom to ensure overspray is extracted evenly. Includes the Tan.Lite 3200 Spray Tan Machine with the new Excess 3 Applicator Gun with stainless steel components for increased spray tan control and decreased overspray.

  • Extraction + Spray Tan Machine
  • Micro-Whirlwind Technology
  • Increase Bookings & Salon Profits
Tan.Wave Extraction Unit


The Tan.Wave Portable Extraction Unit is a portable clean air extraction and ventilation system using Micro-Whirlwind Technology, perfect for mobile tanners, professional salons, or use in your home. Powerful enough to extract overspray solution in any room, the lightweight unit includes a handle and is ideal for small spaces or for mobile use. The system works by extracting the moisture (and any troublesome tanning solution) from the air before it travels throughout the room – protecting the healthy and safety of both the customers and the staff, giving you simply, a breath of fresh air.

  • Powerful Extraction
  • Lightweight, Compact Unit
  • Easy Removable Filters
Spray Tan Tent


Providing a professional spray tanning experience has never been easier with our Tan.Tent. No need to worry about messy spray tanning any longer! Our Tanning Tent has easy to clean walls, cutting clean time down from minutes to seconds. The clear panels on top allow for extra light, to help you apply a flawless spray tan. It is compact and easy to put up and down which makes it perfect for extra light, to help you apply a flawless spray tan. It is compact and easy to put up and down which makes it perfect for mobile tanners or salons who don’t have enough room to have a permanent spray tan area set up.

  • Portable, Lightweight Design
  • Allows Extra Natural Lighting
  • Easy Folding & Storage
Tan.Lite spray tan kit
spray tanning results tan line
spray tanning technician spray tanning their client in a tent
Spray tan tent next to the spray tan booth
spray tanning tan line
spray tanning tech tanning their client
Tan.Lite with two bottles of spray tan solutions
tanning technician standing in front of the spray tan booth
spray tanning results tan line
spray tanning in action
Pouring coconut solution into tanning cup
Spray tanning technician posing with spray tan applicator

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