August 18, 2021

top tips for sun-safe tanning

It’s true babes just wanna have sun – we know, us too. And who doesn’t feel all glowy – inside and out – with a bangin’ tan? Here at b.tan we’re all about making sure our b.babes are staying sun-safe, so we’ve got everything you need to make sure you protect yourself from the sun’s rays, keep your skin happy AND get tanned AF.

Here are our top tips to b.sun safe at all times so you can soak up the sun, safe in the knowledge that your skin is being cared for, protected AF and given as much skin lovin’ attention as possible! Your skin will love you for it, we promise…

Make SPF your new BFF

Don’t step in the sun without it. Lots of sun exposure can massively dry your skin out, so stay hydrated and don’t just protect your skin from harmful UV rays – treat thirsty skin to the added goodness of jojoba oil, argan oil and vitamin C in b.tan’s range of SPF UVA/UVB broad spectrum formulas. We go from SPF30 to SPF70, you can choose from a lotion or spray AND we’ve got something especially designed for your face. You’re welcome.

Don’t forget to reapply…. FREQUENTLY

Keep your skin topped up with SPF for as long as you’re out in the sun. We say apply 15 minutes before you go in the sun, and then reapply every two hours or after swimming. (Luckily b.tan’s formulas give you up to 80 minutes of water resistance so you can splash around and live out those mermaid dreams.)


When the sun sets, the real summer lovin’ begins. After all that sun, heat, salt and sweat, your skin is probably in need some of some TLC, right? Soothe and rehydrate parched skin with a rich formula that’ll replenish your skin and help it feel all glowy. Lotion or Gel? Whatever your preference, our b.tan formulas are packed with ultra-soothing aloe vera, hydrating AF hyaluronic acid and nourishing vitamin E to leave skin feeling soft and sun-kissed. Now drink plenty of water and get some shade.

Fake it, don’t bake it!

If you really wanna tan the safest way possible, fake it. Whether you want natural-looking or as dark as possible, all our b.tan formulas give a streak-free, dark tan with no added nasties, vegan formulas, no gross fake tan smell, no parabens and are packed with naturally derived ingredients. It’s as good as a day at the beach (almost.) With our b.tan selector it’s easy to choose your formula. So tell us, how do you b.tan?

Keep skin healthy AF

Glow boldly where no-one has glowed before. Top up your tan (…real or fake…) with a Gradual Tan formula that’ll not only extend your glow, but will nourish your skin along the way. Our graduals have it all going on with skin loving ingredients like caffeine, guarana, hyaluronic acid, marula + argan oil as well as 100% natural DHA actives. Discover the range here.

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