July 24, 2021

girls just wanna have sun

Introducing more ways to b.tan in and out of the sun 😍  We’ve got an all-new range of gradual tan lotions and whips to grow your glow, a whole new range of tanning oils to help you soak up the sun with some extra skincare lovin’.

grow your glow

Lookin’ for more of a glow than gettin’ tanned AF? We’ve got an all-new range of gradual tan lotions and whips to grow your glow. Packed with skin loving ingredients like marula, argan oil, and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin for the most hydrating experience yet.

Now available in three shades – fair to medium, medium to tan & tan to deep for the ultimate tanning experience.

all-new range of tanning oils 

For our sun lovin’ babes, we’ve got our low spf tanning oils (up to spf 15). Infused with skin loving ingredients and tropical scents you can achieve a babein’ bronze tan while keeping your skin hydrated AF.

spf is your bff

Introducing our weightless broad spectrum sunscreens. Cruelty free & reef friendly, and packed full of skin lovin’ vitamin c, jojoba + argan oil… we’ll have you saying YES to spf 🙌

Our sunscreens are available in spf 30 lotion, spf 50 spray and lotion and spf 70 face protection. All with 80 min water resistance so you can be the ultimate sun safe beach babe. 

after sun care

Once you’re outta the sun, show your skin some love with my little friend. Aloe vera & vitamin e will replenish, hydrate & soothe your skin so you’re not dried out and shedding the skin of sunny days past.

Maintain that summer glow to help repair dry sunburned skin with a little aftersun delight! Aloe vera and ultra hydrating hyaluronic acid will leave your skin rehydrated and delightfully glowing.

How will you b.tan this summer? www.btan.rocks



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girls just wanna have sun

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