December 12, 2018

Tips for overnight self tanning

We’ve all been there, tanning at the last minute and don’t have enough time to let it develop and rinse off in the one night. Or maybe you love the darkest tan possible and leaving it on to develop for hours is what you’re all about. Either way, we often find ourselves leaving our tan on and sleeping in it while it’s developing until rinse-off in the morning. There are some tips for best practice if you go this approach, so check out them out below to achieve the perfect overnight self tan minus the mishaps!

Use an Invisible Tan

The biggest issue we run into with overnight tanning is the cosmetic guide bronzers in tanning products that often stain our sheets when we sleep in our tan. MineTan have just introduced their Invisible Color Self Tan Foam that has no guide bronzers in it so it is totally resistant to any transfer onto sheets or clothes.

Invisible Color Clear Self Tan Foam

Use baby powder to prevent sweat

Much of the self tan transfer we experience is caused by sweat which lifts the tanning product off your skin causing it to transfer on to fabrics that are touching you at the time. Dusting a light coat of baby powder over your fresh tan is an old hack to prevent the sweat from causing any staining on your clothes and sheets!

Wear gloves on your hands

Ever slept in your tan and woken up with super dark hands? That’s because our hands often end up making contact with our skin quite a lot as we’re sleeping, which means you’re essentially rubbing bits of your tan off onto your hands through your sleep! Wearing gloves is a great way to prevent this but if you don’t have gloves, an easier option is to just wear a pair of socks on your hands.

Ensure your tan is dry

If your skin hasn’t had enough of an opportunity to absorb the product, more is going to rub off once you get into bed. Using MineTan’s products that are quick to dry will ensure you don’t have to stand around too long naked waiting for it to dry before getting into bed!

How to prevent self tan stains

Use a tanning mousse or foam

Self tan in a mousse or foam consistency makes the product absorb a lot quicker by your skin as it is such a light consistency! This means the tanning product dries quicker and causes less stickiness and transfer onto your sheets through the night. All of MineTan’s self tan foams are designed to absorb and dry quickly so you can wear your tan and go about your day (or sleep!) much easier.

Use a gradual tan

Getting into the habit of using a moisturising gradual tan every night will mean no transfer (it’s practically just a normal moisturiser that adds a hint of color overtime!) and a subtle glow will gradually develop. Doing this on a daily basis will mean you will develop a dark tan.

Read more about preventing self tan transfer here!

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