November 14, 2018

How to stop self tan transferring to your clothes and sheets

Ah, doesn’t it seem like all good things have a downside – like having to sacrifice the cleanliness of your sheets and clothes in pursuit of the perfect tan? Well, we’re sharing some tips on preventing your tan from rubbing off on clothes and sheets so you can get a gorgeous tan without the sacrifice, from using a transfer-resistant self tan foam or using baby powder!

Why does self tan transfer?

Your self tan will often transfer onto sheets and clothes due to sweat, as the sweat lifts the bronzers off your skin and allows it to rub into other surfaces. It can also transfer on to items of clothing that rub too closely, such as tight straps.

How to prevent it

For years, many experts have used the baby powder hack to prevent self tan transfer. Lightly dusting your tan with a large makeup brush will help prevent sweat and other moisture from building up and lifting the tanning product off your skin. It will also help remove any sticky feeling left from applying the product.

Use the right products

However, the biggest and simplest tip for preventing self tan from staining your clothes and sheets is picking the right self tan products!

MineTan’s Invisible Color Self Tan Foam is the ideal product for ensuring no tan will stain your sheets or clothes as it has absolutely no guide bronzers in it, so it goes on to your body totally clear so you can sleep in it or go about your day with it on without any cosmetic bronzers stainining your beloningings while it develops.

MineTan’s Workout Ready Self Tan Foam is also a great choice for preventing the effects that sweat has on your tan. Made for those who workout and tan regularly, it is specifically formulated to allow perspiration to pass through the tan instead of taking it off and thus spreading the color onto clothes or sheets.

Another popular choice of product to prevent self tan staining is choosing a gradual tan instead of a regular self tan product. All of MineTan’s moisturising gradual tanners act just like your regular daily moisturiser that you sleep in or put your clothes on top of except a tan will gradually develop all without the guide colors rubbing off on your clothes or sheets.

How to prevent self tan stains

How to fix stains

You can take all the preventative measures in the world, but sometimes you’ll still get a self tan stain here or there. But this is not the end of world! If using MineTan products, the use of natural ingredients and dyes will mean that stains will wash out easily when you wash your clothes or sheets as normal.



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