September 12, 2018

Get The Perfect Wedding Day Tan

Ahhh, weddings… the perfect excuse to get all pretty and pampered. If you’re getting ready for your very own big day or are excited to be a part of the bridal party of somebody else’s, it’s time to start thinking about the beautiful wedding tan you need for it! When you’re tanned, your skin is able to shine and have a healthy glow which is the perfect accessory to any dress or outfit. Make sure you’re wedding-day-ready by making sure your tan is just as ready!

1. The Perfect Tan At Home

There’s absolutely no problem in choosing an at-home tan as the one for the big day. However, if you’re not exactly an expert or trained spray tan technician or skin finishing specialist, you should make sure you’re careful not to mess it up.

The key to the perfect at-home tan for a wedding is to make sure you follow all tips and instructions carefully. Check out these tips from us for some guidance! Failure to follow instructions can mean ending up with a terribly streaked tan or gross splotches. That is not going to be a good look for a wedding at all…

MineTan Applicator Mitt

Use Only the Best Products
The second most important step when it comes to getting the perfect tan for a wedding involves ensuring you’re using the best self tanning products available. Using a better tanning formula will help you avoid any orange tones and prevent the appearance of streaking. MineTan offers premium tanning products, tanning kits and accessories for both at home and professional use to help anyone get a luxurious tan with salon quality. MineTan offers a huge range of different tans from different color bases for a unique skin finish or hydrating bases (such as real coconut water!) to treat your skin while tanning.

For professionals, MineTan even has their Perfect Bride Spray Tan Solution which is specifically designed to be the perfect tan for a bride! Intensely moisturizing, pH balancing and medium level bronzing, this product is formulated with the bride in mind.

Have a good look into what the product is ideal for and compare it to the look you desire and you’ll have the perfect fit!

What to Avoid
Ensuring you have the perfect wedding day tan, you should also be looking into what to avoid as well as what to look for. For example:

  • Choose the Right Color: you don’t want your tan to be too dark for your skin tone. A harsh orange color or too dark of an olive tone might come out if you don’t correctly color match. Why not try out MineTan’s Tan Selector to find the right product for your tan.
  • Don’t Go Too Dark: we know that you want your tan to stand out, but choosing a color that is too dark is going to make it stand out in all of the wrong ways. Opt for a medium to neutral tone that will give you a healthy sun-kissed glow rather than make your skin look abnormally dark.


2. Getting an Expert

There are so many amazing spray tan technicians and skin finish experts that spend a lot of time perfecting peoples skin for events like weddings, so if you’re unsure of what you want and whether you’re up for the challenge of applying it to yourself, consult an expert. You can of course always check out the previous work of experts on Instagram! And if you’re looking to use a particular range, such as MineTan, search the brands Instagram for an indication of professionals who also use the brand.

We wish you good luck on your endeavour to achieve the perfect glow for the big day!

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