July 15, 2019

Booty beauty: move over skin care… it’s time for butt care

It wasn’t too long ago that we all suddenly started caring a lot more about our booties and our squats routine went into overdrive. Now, as the beauty industry keeps up with all lifestyle trends, we’re seeing a whole lot of beauty care for our bottoms! From glitter booties to make them pop at festivals to butt-specific moisturisers, masks and scrubs, the skin on our booties has never been luckier.

While they do benefit from not often being out in the sun as much as our faces or arms and legs which does keep our bottoms a little more looked after, they do face more sweat and friction than a lot of other parts due to always being covered up. We also tend to neglect the skin here and stop thoroughly moisturising or scrubbing at our upper thighs. So maybe it’s about time we think more about booty beauty!

Our bottoms do similarly face the kind of issues all skin deals with such as uneven texture, red spots (hello buttne!), ingrown hairs dryness, dullness and signs of ageing. A lot of issues result from folliculitis (inflamed hair follicles) that come from friction and stress caused to the butt, so maintaining skin care down there will keep those nasty issues at bay. If you’re all about getting a little bit cheeky in the summertime or you want your booty to be looking fine for those who get to see it, you may be looking for products designed for tightening, firming, toning, moisturising and adding a bit of glow suited to the skin behind.


When you’re scrubbing your body, don’t forget to give that booty some scrub lovin’ too! This is key for smoother, more supple skin and assisting discoloration in that area by getting rid of dead skin as well as helping prevent or treat the dreaded buttne by unclogging your pores.

Hydrate and moisturise

Masks or moisturisers, it’s your choice! While you can use what you would regularly use on the rest of your body, you can find specifically-formulated products made just for the behind and the common skin concerns in that area.

Booty Beauty: move over skin care, it's time for butt care

Add some glow

Have you ever self tanned your whole bod and then looked in the mirror and thought “dayum, my butt looks GOOD!” because we definitely have. Don’t forget to spread that delicious self tanner to the buttocks as it will even out the skin tone of your overall body to make it look extra toned and smooth. You can ever try contouring with the tanner to make your butt appear bigger or perkier! If you get professional spray tans done, don’t forget to ask your technician to make sure the butt looks good.

If you’re headed to a festival wearing some cute hot pants, add some glitter or shimmer to the cheeks for some extra fun since you’ve spent all this time making sure it looks its best!




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