May 30, 2017

Tantouring: How Tos for Experts & Self-Tanners

Contouring is out, but tantouring is in. This new trend is the same concept as contouring except this new technique uses self-tanner to create a more natural look on your face. This semi-permanent look is a great way to create an extra dimension to your face and help you feel confident even without makeup. Since this trend is new, there aren’t many people; experts included, that know how to tantour properly. Below are a few essential tips and how-tos to remember when tantouring.

Preparing Your Skin and Tools
Just as you would before putting on makeup, so should you prepare your skin accordingly before applying the necessary self-tanner. A good way to prep is by washing and exfoliating your skin well. Most self-tanners explain this process for the best application. However, you should avoid putting lotions or moisturizers on your face before applying the self-tanner because the tanner will not adhere to your face as well, making you tantour disappear sooner. After you’ve prepped your face, you should ensure you have the proper brushes, tanner, and cloths to ensure the best application to your face.

Just a Thin Layer
Tantouring shows off your best features, but you need to blend the self-tanner well. One of the best ways to do this is by applying a thin layer of self-tanner all over your face. This layer will help brighten your skin tone and make your self-tanner contour more natural. You should also choose a self-tanner that matches your skin’s natural undertone. After you’ve applied the thin layer, you should let it dry for at least half an hour to let the self-tanner do its work. Once you feel as though the tanner is dry, you can begin the tantouring process.

Define and Apply
Once your self-tanner has dried, you can begin applying the tanner in the places you want to define on your face. A good tip to remember when following this step is by finding all the places that the sun hits your face and define these places underneath with a little self-tanner. You don’t have to use much to get the best effect, and you want the product to look natural and glowing.

Blend, Dry, and Wash
Now that you’ve gotten the contour of your face lined out, you can take a blending brush, beauty blender, or wedge to make the tanner look as natural as possible. The blending shouldn’t take long, and once you blend you are almost done. Most people let their self-tanner dry overnight to ensure that the tanner works like it is supposed to. When you wake up the next morning, wash your face gently and pat dry. Once you see how amazing your face looks with your natural glow brought out by a sunless tanner, you can see how tantouring has become such a great trend. This natural look lasts for days without fading, and you can reapply as necessary without spending hundreds of dollars on contouring cream that sweats off within a few hours.



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