November 5, 2018

5 Mistakes Salon Owners Make and How to Fix Them

Running a beauty business or salon isn’t always the smoothest process and it’s one that requires constant learning. This can mean you’re pretty open to making mistakes. But the best thing about mistakes, is that they are also lessons to be learnt in improving your biz as a whole. So we’re listing some common mistakes we’ve seen some beauticians and salons make and how easy they are to fix so you can learn from them rather than letting them scare you away from the beauty biz world.

Trying to grow the business too quickly

It’s the dream to be a massive, successful business. It’s a bigger dream to achieve this straight away. This put some business owners way in over their heads. They think their beauty salons are going to take off simply because they’re open. Instead, you should always take your time and enjoy the slow process of starting a new business. Cultivate steady growth by setting daily, weekly and monthly goals for your business. This gives you more room to shift, learn and re-evaluate things inside the business before it’s well-established and too hard to turn back on some things. For example, buying huge amounts of stock to then find out no customers like it. Taking the time to test certain brands and products will help you learn what works and what doesn’t. The MineTan team are dedicated to helping you find the right solutions, so why not check out the extensive range and how it can meet the many demands of tanners and the skin finishes they desire.

Why not also set aside a one-hour weekly meeting with your staff to discuss your goals? Ask your staff for creative ways to hit your goals. This gives you the chance to give raises and promotions, educate your salon, and give your staff the chance to grow as well. It boosts everyone’s morale without setting lofty goals that are out of reach.


Not providing retail products

Yes, your tanning salon is an important part of your business, but so is the retail side. Retail can be frustrating for business owners who don’t understand it well. Having enough staff on retail helps you achieve more goals and keeps a stronger mindset among your team.

As a business owner, you want to make retail a priority as well as your services – not all of your clients and customers can make it to the salon weekly, so being able to also provide them with at-home options (such as at-home tanning products) will mean these customers are still yours and not looking elsewhere for retail products. Make sure you train staff on the products as well as how to up-sell to their clients so you can optimize this part of the business.

Avoiding marketing and social media

Marketing and social media is a big part of any business these days, but especially in the competitive beauty industry. You need a social media platform to promote your business as it’s where most clients and customers now flock to to find recommendations and places to go.  Do some market research to find out who your target audience and create a brand image on these social channels in a way that will target them.

Make sure that you regularly post content across all your social media platforms. There’s nothing worse than having an empty and sad social media account. If social media and marketing is not for you, why not find someone else to do it by outsourcing or see if one of your staff members will like the extra work.



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