September 5, 2018

Should you be outsourcing in your beauty business?

The process of running a successful beauty business requires patience, skill, dedication and a whole lot of little things in between to keep you busy. This is why there are always things that can be found that are worth outsourcing to others (i.e. hiring an outside party or company to help with some essential things that you can leave to an expert). According to biz experts, outsourcing can provide big benefits as a business grows since many important tasks can be assigned to highly efficient outsourcing specialists and you can, in turn, focus on where your strengths lie. So here’s a handy little list of common things that beauty biz owners can benefit from outsourcing.

Financial Outsourcing

By outsourcing key tasks that involve finances, you may discover new ways to run and grow your business. As a beauty business grows, many things can influence how quickly an in-house financial team can complete calculations and projections for various sales goals. For example, after salon products are used and restocked, your financial team will have to keep track of the numbers so that the business doesn’t have to deal with debt. If you want to expand your business by building another shop in a neighboring community, the main financial team may not have enough time to crunch the numbers while managing inventory costs. Outsourcing is the solution to this problem because the outsourcing team can focus on the financial data for the new location while your main team continues to handle key finances for daily operations.

Things like bookkeeping and payroll are also small things that can be better and easily handled by someone else so look at taking these kinds of things off your plate.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Promoting your business and pulling in new customers and clients is one of the most important tasks for maintaining and growing a business. This might not be for everyone or it may just be draining and something you’re plain old not interested in, and that’s fine! In this modern day, getting your marketing and promotion on social media and digital channels perfected is key and has completely changed the beauty industry so it’s important to keep up. Hiring someone to specialise in managing these channels, creating and sharing content on them and handling the customer service enquiries that come through these channels is a great asset to your business if it all becomes too much for you. Why learn to code and building a website when you can hire a freelancer to do it much quicker and probably better?


There are so many everyday tasks that may be simple but eat up so much of your time, such as taking and changing appointments and answering phone calls and emails. Hiring an assistant (even a virtual assistant!) or receptionist to handle these for you can prove to be heavenly for your sanity!

So where to start? We suggest starting where your biggest weakness lies. If you’re horrible at math (we don’t blame you, we’re in beauty for a reason!) and are worried you’re not managing your finances well, start there. If you hate checking your Instagram every day, get someone else to right away! Look into your business and where you would like some help so you can focus on your strengths and what’s more important to you in growing your beauty biz.



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