Develop time

All Mine Pro Spray Mists are rapid, meaning the spray tan develops in as little as 1 hour, giving you the lightest results. We recommend leaving the spray tan on for 1 - 4 hours before a light 45 second rinse, although the spray tan can set longer than 4 hours, up to 8 hours, for the deepest, darkest results. Your client can shower normally 8-16 hours after the initial rinse. The higher the DHA %, the darker the spray tan will be. Your clients’ skin type, tone, and undertone will affect the results as well.

illustration showing different shades of tan

Color Base Tans

Learn more about color base tans with an explanation of levels and tones to help you get the perfect shade of ‘brown’ you want every time. Much like hair color, color base tans replicate different ‘tones’ of brown. To select your preferred color base, first identify your client's skin undertone and then determine the skin finish you wish to achieve.

color wheel graphic Color correcting wheel showing which tan to use for each finish

A color wheel based on complementary color base and skin tones.
This is for reference only. All MineTan color bases work on all skin types, and adjust to peoples natural skin types to achieve their ideal skin finish. This is only a guide for best results using color theory.


Solution Mixing

Although Mine Pro Spray Mists look great on their own, we encourage Mine Professionals to sample the spray tan solutions mixed together. You can offer custom spray tans by creating your business’s own solution concoctions. We also encourage sampling different ratios (1:1 vs 2:1) to find your perfect tan. Having the Color Correcting Collection on hand is beneficial for professionals when in need of color correcting a clients’ specific undertone, even if you don’t offer custom tans on the menu. Although Mine has formulated the Bronze Collection and Tanning Treatments as a brown base for optimal color base mixing, you can even mix the Color Correcting Collection together! For more “solution cocktails”, sign up for our professional newsletter at the bottom of the page!

Make it Mine

Coconut Water

tanning results tan line Coconut Water Pro Spray Mist


violet spray tan results Violet Pro Spray Mist

Violet Coconut

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Choosing Your Spray Tan Solution

Perfect Bride Pro Spray Mist
Dark Ash Pro Spray Mist
Ultra Dark Pro Spray Mist
Workout Ready Pro Spray Mist
Coconut Water Pro Spray Mist
Compare the Pro Spray Mist Range
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Storing your spray tan solutions

woman getting a spray tan


The solution should be stored in a cool, temperature controlled environment. Maintain a maximum temperature of 75 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit (24 to 30 degrees Celsius) for long term storage. Repeated or prolonged storage at high temperature will destroy the product’s tanning effectiveness. Refrigerating the solution after it has been opened is recommended. Technicians who intend to travel with their product should take along as little product as possible and never leave them in a hot car. We suggest transporting them in a commercial cooler to maximize the effectiveness.

spray tanning results
Group shot of MineTan solutions and applicator


Due to the natural properties of the raw material in spray tan solutions, DO NOT store them in direct sunlight. The solution will NOT spoil from incidental exposure, however repeated or prolonged exposure will reduce the effectiveness.


The ingredients that make our solution are highly reactive elements in the skin, making it an effective tanning agent, but also making it reactive to contact with metal objects. Never pour the solutions through a metal funnel, stir with a metal spoon, or store in metal containers. Doing so will dramatically reduce the effect of the solution. Only stainless steel is safe for direct contact with the solution. Components of spray on systems are built from stainless steel and will not affect its performance.

the use of accessories


When it comes to professional spray tanning, it’s important that you have all the necessary professional essentials and accessories for your clients during their treatment.

salon disposables


To keep these areas clean throughout the application, ensure you provide them with disposables, like sticky soles feet protectors, hair caps, and underwear. For clients who aren’t comfortable being entirely naked, disposable underwear is also a great accessory, helping to save their own underwear and not to mention their modesty. Nose filters are also great to protect your clients and spray tan technicians, helping to prevent inhalation of any airborne tanning solution or overspray.

Group shot of MineTan prep and maintain products


Prepare your client’s skin with a primer to lower pH levels and add important moisture back to the skin to enhance spray tan results. If your client has dry skin, a primer can also be used to enhance the spray tan and provide a better result. If you’re new to spray tanning, applying a barrier cream to areas like elbows, knees, ankles, and palms will keep the skin from absorbing the spray tanning solution and turning too dark. Offering products like the Tan Eraser and Rapid Recovery Lotion will keep your clients’ skin stripped and fresh for their next spray tan.

salon consultation cards


We understand the importance of marketing your business and offer a full range of promotional material to support your business. Brochures are the ultimate technician resource and a great take home tool for your clients. Remember to inform your client when to wash and how to maintain their new spray tan.

Group shot of MineTan gradual tan products


Once your client has received their spray tan, recommend some retail products to extend the life of their tan. Tan Milk is the perfect upsell product to enhance the life of their tan over the next week. Face tanners like the Rose Illuminating Face Mist are great upsell products due to tan wearing off the face quicker than other body parts from things like makeup, sweat, and daily face washing. Remember to inform your client when to shower and how to maintain their new spray tan.

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive everyday from trade pros. For more FAQ’s please click here.

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All Mine Pro Spray Mists are rapid, meaning the spray tan develops in as little as one hour, giving you the lightest results. We recommend leaving the spray tan on for 1 – 4 hours before your 45 second rinse, although the spray tan can set up to 8 hours for the deepest, darkest results. Your client can shower normally 8-16 hours after the initial rinse.

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% of DHA?

Mine does not disclose the % of ingredients of individual Pro Spray Mists due to trade formula secrets. The unique formula is also not an exact comparison to other types of spray tan solution. You can compare the tan depth between solutions on the

Pro Spray Mist Solutions page.

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The Bronze Collection is a brown color base. The Color Correcting Collection has four color base options: caramel, olive (green), violet, and dark ash. The Tanning Treatments Collection is a brown color base, with the addition of Absolute being a mix of color bases.

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