November 30, 2018

Your essential beauty kit to glow this party season

The end of year is the time of year for events and celebrations, but it’s also the time of year for running around and stressing out. That being the case, it’s the time of year you find yourself really wanting some extra everyday glow to go with the vibrant time of year, but all the partying and running around can mean your face is sometimes less than party-perfect. We’re giving you the essential tips and products you need for an easy bit of extra festive glow for the party season.

Don’t forget your skincare!

The best tip for a natural glow is to maintain your skincare routine well into the party period even when you feel like skipping it due to your hectic schedule. The easiest way to glow is to enhance the natural glow that comes from cared-for skin! By ensuring you’re removing makeup, cleansing and moisturising consistently, your skin will keep its natural glow. Using a hydrating face mist is the quickest and easiest way to treat your face to some TLC. To add that extra glow to your skincare routine, try adding MineTan’s Luxe Oil Illuminating Tan Drops to your daily moisturiser for a new dimension of hydrated color. Or, for quick and easy illumination in the AM or PM, a face mist with the addition of a gradual tanner such as MineTan’s Rose Illuminating Face Tan Mist is even better for adding some hydrated glow!


On-the-go beauty touch-ups

Considering all the running around you’ll be doing, it’s great to have items in your beauty kit that are perfect for touching up on-the-go. MineTan’s Nano Mist Tan Compact is designed exactly for this – to sit in your handbag for you to pull out and quickly mist your face with a moisturizing tanner that will give an instant touch of super fine color and moisture. Yes, it can even be used over your makeup!

It’s also great to carry the little emergency extras such as blotting tissues to dry up any unwanted moisture as you’re running around being festive. Be sure you also don’t forget your beloved lip balm and/or lip tint to help those lips through all the champas you’re sipping and kisses under the mistletoe!

Nail your tan

Look radiant with the help of self tanning products. We all feel much better when we know our skin is looking fresh, healthy and glowing! All of MineTan’s products are super hydrating and long-lasting for you to have the perfect tan through the busy times. Or use a gradual tanner as your everyday moisturizer to gradually build up a tan or maintain and complement your current glow. For the ultimate hydrating, long-lasting glow we highly recommend the Luxe Oil collection that is as luxurious and decadent as your festive season should be.

How to prevent self tan stains

Festive makeup anyone?

If you can’t go all out during the festive season, when can you? Think extra glow & glitter! Glitter for the eyes, glitter for lips and glitter for your nails. If you don’t own these all year round, this is the perfect time of year to switch up your usual look to really stand out at all of the events you find yourself at this season. By using illuminating face tanners, you’ll also add that extra dimension of glow and illumination that will really stick around and shine through to garner all the attention you desire.

Help your hair!

Your hair is also a major sufferer when things get busy and you start partying. By ensuring your party season beauty kit includes super lush products to keep your hair looking hydrated healthy, you’ll feel like you really have it together. Think dry shampoos in travel size, a detangler and even a travel-size styling iron!



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