January 10, 2016

Should You Start Your Own Spray Tan Business?

The most rewarding career path that anyone can take is one that allows them to be their own boss. When we are our own employer, we feel a sense of satisfaction and freedom that is truly exhilarating. But, starting your own business can seem complicated, expensive and overwhelming. If you have a passion for beauty and wellness, owning your own business might be an easier goal than you think. Running your own mobile spray tan business is not only extremely lucrative and fulfilling, but it’s one of the simplest start-ups that you can get into. Here are some things you need to know about launching your spray tan career.

There Are Some Start-Up Fees, But They’re Minimal

If you have a car or a reliable mode of transportation, you’re halfway there. Next, you’ll need to invest in tanning supplies. It might sound like a big investment, but compared to the supplies that other start-up companies need to invest it, spray tan supplies are actually dirt cheap. These portable tanning tools are lightweight and easy to take to clients’ homes. MineTan has a full professional range of everything you could need to get your tanning business up, running and, well, tanning!

Marketing Is Fun And Easy – And The Customers Are Out There

If you’re selling a product, you might have a hard time recruiting new clientele on social media. However, selling spray tan services on Facebook or Instagram is actually somewhat of a piece of cake. If you advertise new member specials and bridal party discounts, you’ll find a lot of people who are eager to get a spray tan for a big event. The more clients you take on, the more word-of-mouth business you’ll receive as well.

Your Career Satisfaction Will Be Through The Roof

As a mobile spray tan entrepreneur, you’ll enjoy a flexible schedule that keeps you away from the 9-5 rat race. Beyond that, you’ll have the satisfaction of being your own boss, earning great money with little overhead and the feeling of making people feel more glowing, vibrant and beautiful.



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