June 2, 2015

Winter Skin Care Tips

If you enjoy getting a spray tan, you want to ensure that it will look natural with even coverage. That means taking care of your skin, especially after the ravages of winter. The cold air and dry conditions from indoor heating can really take a toll on your skin, but you can do something about it. Take preventative measures during the harshest season of the year and continue them once the weather improves to have soft, supple skin.

Think About Your Beauty Products

Stay away from bars of soap or foaming soaps. They will only dry out your skin. Cleansers that are oil-based or have a cream consistency will be much healthier for your skin. Review your options, alternate varieties, and find the brand that works best for you.

Using MineTan’s Ultra Cleansing Tan Eraser to prep your skin before tanning will ensure your skin is cleansed and hydrated before you apply any self tanner or get a spray tan, which is particularly important in winter when our skin is a bit more on the dry side.

When tanning, opting for more hydrating formulas such as MineTan’s Luxe Oil Tanning Treatments or the Coconut Water range will nourish your winter skin while giving you the glow you’re looking for.

MineTan Luxe Oil Illuminating Tan Drops

Use a Hydrating Serum

A hydrating serum will give your skin a boost by penetrating to the lower levels of your skin. Hydrate your skin on a regular basis and hydrate your body. When you drink at least eight glasses of water each day, your skin will benefit as well.

Lay Off the Caffeine and Alcohol

Alcohol and caffeine products will actually dehydrate your body. When you want a hot beverage, opt for herbal tea.

Use a Moisturiser

A quality moisturiser will be your skin’s best friend. Start your day off with a coating of moisturizer and apply one before you go to bed. Applying moisturiser after a shower is also recommended.

Using an Everyday Glow Gradual Tan Moisturiser will keep your skin hydrated and you’ll also get a bit of a bonus glow from the tanning actives that build up a tan gradually. Perfect for adding some color to your skin in the colder months!

Also, don’t neglect the skin on your lips! Apply lip balm often to avoid chapped skin.

Best Gradual Tans

Stay Away from Hot Showers

When the cold weather strikes, there is nothing more luxurious than a steamy shower. If you are one of those people who turns the temperature up until the water is scalding, you need to adjust the knob. Extreme heat will dry out your skin even more and have a negative impact on your hair. Stick with warm showers for the best results and towel dry gently when you are done.

Wear Sunscreen

Damage from the harmful UV rays of the sun happens all year round. Be sure to give any exposed areas of your body a liberal coating every day. You can also find moisturizers and concealers for your face that already contain sunscreen as an added bonus. Choose sunscreens that include moisturizers to reap the most benefits. Your skin will be soft, plus you’ll stave off wrinkles and skin cancer.

Cover Up

When you are about to brave the elements, don’t leave your skin exposed. Even when you are indoors, you want to keep your body warm and your skin covered. Otherwise, your skin’s moisture will evaporate.

Watch What You Eat

You can maintain a healthy diet year round that will nourish your skin. Load up on antioxidants to stave off damage from free radicals that can ravish your body, including your skin. Blueberries, strawberries, spinach, and peppers are top picks when it comes to producing. Include omega-3 fatty acids from nuts, eggs, and salmon. You can also take a multivitamin to supplement your diet, giving your body and skin the nourishment it needs.

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