October 26, 2017

Why Your Skin Is Dry

It’s not hard to argue that we all love a bit of a glow and moisture to our skin (not to mention how important moisturised skin is to the perfect tan!) so it can be tough when you’re dealing with dry skin regularly or even just briefly. There can be a number of causes of dry skin to be mindful of in looking after your perfect skin and we’re dishing them out for you:
Not Enough Water
We’re just going to get this out of the way first because we know you know, but hey, you might just need reminding! Many people are dehydrated but don’t even know it. Not drinking enough water can result in your skin looking and feeling dry, so make sure to drink plenty of water! You can really never have too much after all!
Inadequate Nutrition
Your skin needs certain nutrients in order to thrive! These include foods containing healthy fats such as flaxseed oil, avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds. When you’re not treating yourself to this goodness, it’s not just your insides missing out, your skin is too! You should be looking into your eating patterns as well as your skincare routine to keep your skin in good shape.Genetic Tendency
Just like many other traits and risk factors run in families, genetics can also predispose a person to having skin that’s more dry. Those people need to put some extra effort into keeping their skin healthy and moist, so look towards products that are going to treat you! Looking for products with hydrate bases are key, such as MineTan’s Coconut Water Collection!

It seems we can’t get away from stress and its harmful effects. In addition to the various other effects of stress on the body, stress can also cause skin to become more dry. So, why not go have a meditation sesh to calm yourself and your skin?!

Harsh Climate
Your skin shows the effects of the environment, so if you are in a dry climate or in air conditioning, your skin will tend to be more dry. Compensate by drinking extra water (yes, we said it again) and giving extra pampering to your skin in terms of moisturizer or even hydrating sprays throughout the day!

Product Effects
Beauty and skincare products are obviously designed to enhance natural beauty, but they can have the opposite effect when they dry out the skin. Be sure to use products made from healthy, nourishing and nontoxic ingredients, such as MineTan and b.tan.

Shower Heat
It’s wonderful to wash your face and cleanse it of any impurities, but if you do so with water that is too hot either at the bathroom sink or in the shower, you are actually drying out your skin. Be gentle on your face by using lukewarm or even slightly cool water.

Be mindful of all these ways your skin can dry out, and make sure to address any issues discussed here that might be impacting your skin’s moisture level. Your skin will absolutely drink up the benefits!



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