March 19, 2015

Why Consultation Forms are Important

Consultation forms are an important and regular part of a beauty professional’s standard legal operating procedure. It’s vitally important to get a client to fill out consultation forms. After all, these are the forms that provide necessary information about client health, allergies, and service requests.

While in many cases filling out a consultation form is a mere formality, and a client has no allergies or health issues, occasions do arise when there’s an issue to report. Knowing that one client has an allergy is important not just for the client’s health, but for the salon business itself, in legal terms.

Should you neglect a consultation form and an issue arises, always be sure to respect the client, apologize, and offer to understand. Provide a full refund, and don’t explain to the client that you normally would have a form filled out, and this was a chance omission. By not filling one out this time, the situation occurred, and the client’s safety was not ensured. Acknowledge your mistake, listen to what the client says, even if he or she is upset. After all, it’s far better for them to vent to you than on social media.

It’s also a good idea to make notes on your conversation with the client. Print and store any emails. Stay organized in case you need to find this information again.

Be sure to invite the client to return. Even if they’re unhappy, offer them a complimentary service. Stay calm, listen, and provide a resolution.

However, if these steps are not enough to satisfy the client for the error, and they are seeking compensation for the event, then it’s time to talk to your insurance agent. Let the insurance experts handle the situation, and don’t panic.

Yes, it can be frightening when a situation like this occurs, but getting upset about it is counterproductive. Learn the lesson – consultation forms are important. Deal with the actual issue, and move forward. Be sure to apologize, listen, and take notes, and then move on from there.

Mistakes can happen. The important thing is to accept this possibility, try to avoid it, and pay attention to your client’s issue if a mistake has occurred.

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