February 1, 2018

Why balancing your pH levels is the best thing for your skin

Do you have issues with your skin regardless of what kind of skin care products you use? Do certain products not work properly on your skin? The main culprit could be that the pH of your skin’s acid mantle is out of balance due to the products you are using, an acidic diet, and/or hard water.
The acid mantle (or stratum corneum) is the outermost layer of skin that protects you from bacteria, toxins, free radicals, and UV rays. It’s also crucial for lipid production and secretion that helps heal, moisturize, and exfoliate the skin. The acid mantle works properly when the skin’s pH is between 4.5-5.5, which is slightly acidic. Acidity and alkalinity of water-based solutions is measured using the pH scale, which means it represents the “potential of hydrogen.” The scale is measured from 0.0 to 14.0, with anything under 7 (neutral) being acidic and anything higher than 7 being alkaline.Since many skin care products are more alkaline, they can adversely affect your acid mantle’s functions, resulting in skin issues like acne, itchiness, dryness, and redness that seems impossible to get rid of. Your skin could have a hard time absorbing products (like self-tanners) effectively as well. To top it off, collagen and elastin production can be weakened, causing the skin to wrinkle and sag. It is so crucial for your skin’s health to only use products that have a pH of 4.5-6.

Not only should you switch to products with the right pH levels, but you should also eat a more alkaline diet of vegetables, fruits, and nuts, and eat less refined sugar, alcohol, and processed foods since an acidic diet can damage the skin’s pH. If you have hard water, it’s best to get a water softener or not use tap water on your face since the minerals in it can also compromise your acid mantle.

Micellar Water Self Tan

If your self-tan never seems to last long, is streaky, or just doesn’t look right, it may be that your skin is not pH balanced. MineTan’s Micellar Water Collection ensures proper skin pH levels and will greatly improve your self-tanning regimen. Their Pre Tanning pH Restore will help your self-tanning products go on smoothly and get absorbed by the skin easily, resulting in a more natural-looking, long-lasting tan. With these products, all of your self-tanning problems can be easily fixed!



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