October 22, 2019

Why a spray tan booth is the best option for your salon

If you’re ready to take your spray tan business to the next level, purchasing a spray tan booth is a great way to do it for efficiency, professionalism and to truly enhance the customer experience in your salon.

We’re sure you already have something to tan your clients in to prevent overspray, such as a tent, curtain or screen. But an all inclusive spray tanning booth is a great next step to enhance your professionalism for so many reasons.

Why a booth over other overspray option?

More effective extraction

Yourself, your staff, your salon and your clients will all benefit from a better extraction system than just letting natural airflow circulate the room. Extraction is so important as a good system can efficiently extract immoderate tanning solution and excess moisture from the surroundings. Doing this ensures the air in the room is fresh, clean and more pleasant for everyone to be breathing in. Trust us, your customers will take note of this!

The MineTan Spray Tan Booth Kit has 4 fans from top to bottom 4 fans from top to bottom to ensure overspray is extracted evenly. The aerodynamically curved chamber funnels extraction, generating airflow into a cyclone. Industry strength extraction via the top and bottom fans extracts the overspray and generates clean air.
Efficient & all in one!
The MineTan Spray Tan Booth Kit also features this extraction unit with a spray tan machine all built in to the one booth to create a professional-looking, designated area. Picture a salon with a booth or two next to a salon with tents and curtains with spray tan machines and cords all lying around as well… it kind of speaks for itself!

Natural light replication

Lighting is critical when it comes to creating the perfect tan. The LED downlight diffuses the most natural light around the body of your client, allowing you to see your work as easily as if you were under a blue sky. Tuned at 5,780 degrees Kelvin, this light is the same bright white natural color as the sun’s ray.

Quick Change Filters

Cleaning the extraction fan filters is as easy as it gets. Easily slip the filter out from the secure lip and then slip in your new filter. No cumbersome covers or screws. In less than 2 minutes you can replace your filters and get spray tanning again.

As we said before, picturing a salon with professional all-in-one booths compared to a salon with tents and curtains, it’s obvious how professional a booth can make your spray tanning business appear!

Up your spray tanning business with MineTan’s Spray Tan Booth Kit on sale now >>



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