August 27, 2015

When to Wash Off Your MineTan

You love to have beautiful, bronze skin without feeling the intense burn of the sun. MineTan is the perfect solution, allowing you to get even coverage and golden skin. You can choose from a selection of MineTan products to tailor your tan to meet your needs. Once you have chosen the MineTan spray tan that works for you, you need to consider when to wash off your tanning product. You need to think about your complexion and skin tone, the product, and the results that you want. The longer you leave any type of MineTan product on your skin, the darker your tan will be. Read the instructions carefully for each product. Use the following tips before you apply your MineTan.

Prepare Your Skin Before Application
Preparation is key for a successful spray tan. You should moisturize your skin for a week prior to application. Exfoliate your skin as well. Make sure that you spray lightly on your feet, hands, knees, and elbows. You should wash your hands as soon as you are done. Also, wait several minutes before dressing to ensure that the tanning product has dried completely.

How Long Should You Wait Before Washing Off Your Tan
You need to decide how dark you want your tan to be when it comes to washing off your tanning product. As a rule of thumb, the longer you leave MineTan products on your skin, the darker your tan will be. If you are using a spray tan for the first time or experimenting with different MineTan products, lighter could be your best option. You can always go for a darker tan. You cannot reverse your results if you go darker than you would prefer.

Leave your MineTan product on for an hour for the lightest results. Opt for a wash after two hours for a medium tan. For the darkest results, you will wash after three hours. Most MineTan products will continue to get darker over a 24 hour period. When you do shower, only use lukewarm water to rinse your skin for sixty seconds. You should not use any type of soap on your skin and must avoid scrubbing your skin. Otherwise, you could remove your MineTan product and end up with uneven coverage. Dry off gently with a towel and moisturise your skin daily to maintain the best results for your MineTan spray tan.



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