August 17, 2017

Using salon promotions to keep clients coming back

While many salon owners know that marketing is the key to ensuring ongoing organizational growth, not all of them have implemented a detail-oriented, customized advertising plan so that they can attract new clients and retain their business. Yet you should. If you feel that you could use some advice regarding things like how to use sales promotions to keep clients coming back, this is the article for you.
Optimizing Your Salon Specials Promotions

There are numerous strategies you can deploy to make your salon promotions successful. One important, inalienable strategy to use is target market research. Doing this type of research will provide you with background information regarding the individuals who are most likely to frequent your salon. The demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behaviouristic data you’ll collect will help you market your promotion in a highly specific manner that helps you really connect with your audience.

Another strategy you should be implementing to optimize your salon promotions is the use of social media optimization (SMO) techniques. These techniques are designed to help optimize and personalize your communication with clients on key channels like:

• Instagram
• Facebook
• Pinterest

There are several ways that you can announce your salon promotions through these channels. For example, put up an Instagram post with all the detailed information regarding your upcoming promotion.

Another strategy that you should implement to keep old clients coming back is segmenting your email database. Specifically, you should not be sharing the upcoming promotion with all of your customers. This is because offering your new clients a discount could cause you to lose loyalty from your existing clients. Individuals who have been with your salon for a long time need to know that you deeply value them. Providing them with a promotion that only they have access to is a great way to show them that you appreciate their loyalty to your product and service line!

One final promotion strategy that can really send your conversion rates through the roof is implementing a referral program. This strategy works because it involves the use of one of the most effective forms of advertising: word-of-mouth marketing. As many marketing mavens know, people are much more likely to invest in a brand when they realize that a friend or family member think the line is valuable. One way you could run the referral program would be to offer your loyal clients a discount for each new customer they refer to you. For example, bringing you one new client would enable your old clients to attain a 10% discount on their next purchase. If they bring in two new clients, they would get 20% off.
Start Enhancing Your Marketing Processes Today!

If you’re serious about making your salon as successful as possible, know that focusing in on how you’re going to market your upcoming sales promotion is a good idea. Use the information outlined above to ensure that you can develop a cutting edge, customized promotional platform that empowers you to keep your current clients coming back.



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