November 7, 2016

Tips For Using Twitter To Grow Your Beauty Business

Whether you’re a YouTube makeup artist just getting her start or a spray tan diva trying to find new local clients, you need social media to help your business grow. While social media is fairly saturated with beauty brands and gurus, there’s still plenty of room for talented new voices and companies to make a splash.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms for beauty brands and for good reason. It allows anyone to send short and sweet bursts to a wide audience. To help you grow your brand, here are some tips on how you can use Twitter to your advantage.

Be Unique

Yes, we know. It was eye roll-inducing when your high school guidance counselor told you to be yourself and it’s a bit cringeworthy now. Still, it’s one of the best tips for beauty businesses on Twitter. So many beauty brands, in an effort to get popular quick, just blatantly copy what they see their peers doing. Unfortunately for them, beauty buyers are savvy consumers who can see right through a copycat. This is why it’s essential to be unique and be yourself. The world already has a Michelle Phan; they don’t have a you yet.

Talk With, Not At

Do you want to turn off potential consumers? If so, be sure to talk at them instead of with them. There’s nothing more annoying to your audience than when you just fire off a million advertisement-like Tweets a day and ignore responses. When your brand is in its Twitter infancy, don’t try to act like a huge established company. Instead, start a dialogue. Reply to messages and have actual conversations. When a brand is young, the best thing you can do is to just act like a regular person who is eager to converse. The time to be so flooded with messages that you can’t reply to all of them hasn’t come yet. Treat your followers like actual people and you’ll see great results.



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