October 26, 2016

Tips On Creating The Perfect Client Experience

If you work in the spray tanning industry, then you know that your clients are your bread and butter. Without them, you don’t have a career. To help your business thrive and grow, here are our tips on creating the perfect client experience.

1. Remember, You’re A Businessperson

When you’re in the spray tanning industry, it’s easy to feel like your clients are less your clients and more your friends. However, it’s essential to remember that you are a businessperson. It’s fine to joke around and enjoy your time together, but always be professional.

2. Don’t Oversell

A lot of tanning professionals earn a nice additional income from selling moisturizers, extenders and other beauty products. While this is a phenomenal way to increase your profits, never oversell your clients. Remember, you might be at work, but they’re indulging in a beauty treatment. It’s fine to make your pitch at the end, but the actual treatment should be about their relaxation and enjoyment.

3. Always Be Prepared

Not having the right color is the kiss of death for any tanning professional. Whether you’re working out of a salon or have a mobile business, it’s imperative that you’re always prepared with refills of all your tans and any other supplies you need to give your clients the best experience possible. Don’t get caught out without a specific shade of tanning solution. It’s less about a specific brand as you as a professional can help recommend alternatives, but not having a specific style or shade of tan can leave clients feeling underwhelmed by their visit. 

4. Pay Attention To Detail

Trust us: If you give a client a streaky, uneven and unattractive spray tan, you will hear about it on Facebook or Instagram. When you’re with a client, you should be paying immaculate attention to detail and recalling everything you learned during your training. Consistently providing high quality work is a recipe for referrals and regular business. Doing the opposite is a recipe for you packing in your tan equipment and looking for employment in another field.

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