March 22, 2019

The perfect makeup routine for work

Unless you’re in a job that actually requires it, most of the time your work day could or even should do without the false lashes, smokey eye and full coverage. We think a natural, enhanced look is the perfect beauty look to rock during your workday and we’re sharing the tips to achieve exactly that with the help of some essential beauty products for that radiant workday complexion.

The perfect base is your skincare

For the perfect, natural look, it’s essential you actually look after your skin so its natural beauty is enhanced enough to really shine through and require less makeup. Regularly tending to your skin and having the perfect skincare routine in place for your needs will mean your skin is healthy and ready to glow for the office each and every day.

For extra glow in your beauty routine, why not add some tanning drops to your daily moisturiser or serum or a daily spritz from a facial tan mist? Adding a touch of tan mixed with a moisturiser, such as MineTan’s range of Face Tanners, will form the perfect base for your makeup. The golden glow will shine through, even in the dull lighting of your office, and you will need less color and coverage from high coverage foundations as the tan will even out your skin tone in a hydrating way.

MineTan Luxe Oil Illuminating Tan Drops

Priming your skin

After hydrating and adding a touch of glow to your face, use a primer to refine pores and hold your makeup on longer throughout the day (no wasting work hours on touching up!). If you find you get quite oily throughout the day, opt for a mattifying primer. If you’re looking for more shine throughout the day, opt for a primer designed to add radiance to your complexion.

Foundation & concealer

When it comes to your foundation and concealer, you should be looking for products that are built to last longer and not break your skin out as they sit there. Choosing lightweight formulas and focusing on blending it all to look as seamless as possible will give you the natural, professional look perfect for the workplace.

A quality concealer is a must-have item for looking-the-part of the professional… no eye bags, blemishes or any signs of stress allowed!

For those willing to drop the foundation and fuller coverage through the week, a tinted moisturiser or BB cream may be all you really need to get you through the work week. Perfect for nourishing your skin, evening out your skin tone and lasting longer throughout the day (but also easier than a foundation to re-apply if need be!).

Enhance your features, naturally

While there’s no need for heavy contouring and highlighting, enhancing your features is key to brightening your look and making it appear as though you definitely got all 8 hours of sleep last night. You should focus on enhancing your natural features, not trying to distract people by creating hardcore cheekbones that aren’t actually there. Try blending a subtle bronzer into your features and using a cream illuminator across your cheekbones to give you a hint of natural radiance.

Keep a facial tan mist or your Nano Mist Tan Compact handy for touching up and enhancing your features on-the-go with a touch of tan and hydration.



Enhance your eyes & brows

Everyone knows the wonders that a touch of mascara can do for waking you up! Find a high-quality mascara that focuses on length rather than volume so that you can avoid clumpy lashes.

For a polished look, it’s also important to ensure your eyebrows are well-shaped and well-kept. While regular appointments with your brow-technician will keep your brows well-kept for you if you don’t go as regularly make sure you’re maintaining them on your own with a pair of tweezers and use light powders or pencils to fill them in and a gel to keep the hairs in place all day.

We’d recommend steering clear of the smokey eye, but if you’d like to go for some eyeshadow, using matte bronze and brown natural tones can complement your look by looking more polish.

The Lips

While a bold lip is not a definite no all the time, most days it probably isn’t necessary unless you really want a pick-me-up. A nude matte lipstick is the perfect all-rounder for the workplace if you do want some color on your lips but never underestimate the power of a great lip balm for getting you through the work week in the office.

Nano Mist Tan Compact

Maintainance throughout the day

We all know the struggle of getting to 3 o’clock and your makeup is either melting off or it’s already shut the door on its way out. Ensure you set your look with either a setting spray or finishing powder before you head in to ensure your makeup will last as long as possible. Then, keeping some blotting paper handy at your desk will help you keep your face fresh from excess oils throughout the day.

A Nano Mist Tan Compact is the perfect portable beauty device and addition to your handbag or desk goodies for touching up your face with a touch of tan and hydration.

To also keep up personal hygiene, keeping some perfume or body spray within reach is perfect for those last minute lunch plans or meetings.

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