February 11, 2015

The Lowdown On Express Tans

Wondering how express tans work and what you can expect from trying one? Check out the lowdown on express tans before you give it a try for yourself!

What Is An Express Tan?

Two essential elements go into the rapid development of spray tanners. These tans are our one hour solutions that allow you to rinse whenever you like after your first application. The first element is how long before you rinse and the second element is how long it takes for the tan to reach its optimal development. Generally, it takes one hour for a natural tan, about two hours for a medium tan to develop fully or three hours for a dark tan. The longer you leave it on, the more the color will develop. However, there is some variation as everyone’s skin tones and types are different.

When it comes time for you to wash off, be sure to use a lukewarm water rinse with no soap or bath products and pat yourself dry. Scrubbing can remove some of the tan and may prevent it from reaching its full potential. Your tan will continue to develop for the next 8-12 hours or overnight however some skin tones take longer than others to reach their maximum color. Be prepared to wait 24 hours for full results until you know exactly how long your skin tone will take.

If It’s Your First Time Spray Tanning

When you’ve never tanned before or are trying out a new product for the first time, be sure to only wait one or two hours before rinsing to get an idea of how developed it will get in a short period of time. If this isn’t your first rodeo with spray tanning, you can leave it on a bit longer knowing the result will be fantastic. It truly is a personal choice regarding how long you want the tan to develop and darken. Do you prefer to tan just before going to bed and leave it to develop overnight? Do you like a lighter tan or a darker type of tan? It won’t take long to see how your skin responds to the product.

Never Fear
Even if you don’t find quite the right balance of colour the first time around, the tan only lasts a short time so you can easily give it another shot next week or try a new shade on for size.

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