August 10, 2018

The Best Self Tanning Routine for your Vacation

Why wait until you’re on vacation to get an exotic vacation tan when you have one ready to go as soon as you land in your getaway destination? Ensuring self-tan remains a part of your routine while you’re vacay-ing and living your best life, means you’ll always be ready and on-point for all the Insta-worthy shots in exotic locations.

From starting the trip with a picture-perfect tan to maintaining it while away, we’ve got the tips to make sure you’re glowin’ all getaway-long.

Tan before you go!

Our number one tip for a glow all-holiday-long is starting off on the right (tanned) foot! From one to three days before you leave, find time in between packing and buying last minutes needs to apply your usual tan.

To ensure your tan stays as long as it can, taking the time to prep your skin correctly is absolute key. Ensure your skin is well-exfoliated and any old tan is totally removed before beginning so you can start off with a fresh, perfect canvas for your holiday tan. Next, make sure your dry areas are moisturised with a bit of lotion to make sure you don’t suffer from tan build-up (these areas are usually your elbows, feet and hands).


Which tan?

To make sure this tan lasts as long as it can, you should also make sure you’re using the best product for the job! As we know, the key to a long-lasting tan is hydration and therefore we recommend using super hydrating products designed to treat your skin as you tan. MineTan Body Skin have just the products for this, from their My Moroccan self tan foam infused with Argan Oil for hydration to the Coconut Water Collection made from real coconut water to treat your skin!

Moisturize and Hydrate your Skin

Every time you take a shower or bath, you’ll naturally lose a bit of color from your tan, so be sure to your whole body by applying a rich, moisturizing lotion while your skin is still supple and your pores are wide open. You should also take the time to do this each night before you go to bed to really soften your skin and prevent flaking. Focus in on areas that spray tan can build up on, like the backs of your knees, underarms, feet, and elbows, to prevent blotches and streaks at application.

We suggest using a moisturizer that also doubles as a gradual tan as this will not only keep you moisturized and your tan long-lasting, but will also top up the color each time it’s applied!



So, now you know how to keep up the mirage of a healthy tan before and during your vacation without harming your skin from the harmful rays of the sun! Now enjoy your trip and be sure to tag @minetanbodyskin in all those hot tan holiday Insta-pics!


Picture source: @bettinaandersenn in @minetanbodyskin



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