April 14, 2019

The best gradual tanners for an everyday glow

Gradual tanners are a seriously underrated beauty essential for so many reasons. Whether you’re looking for a new daily moisturiser that will give you an extra touch of color and glow or if you’re looking for a tan extender; gradual tanning products are an absolute must-have in any beauty buffs collection and we’re listing some of our fave picks below.

Luxe Everyday Moisturiser

Luxe Everyday Moisturizer

From MineTan’s range of Luxe Oil Tanning Treatments is the ultra hydrating Luxe Everyday which is a daily moisturizer with a touch of tan. Perfect for those looking for intense hydration and a silky, decadent skin finish, the Luxe Everyday is infused with a seriously luxurious blend of coconut oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, and avocado oil so you can seriously treat yourself and your skin. The Luxe Everyday Gradual Tan Foam absorbs instantly into your skin, locking in moisture to deeply hydrate and restore your radiance.

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Workout Ready Gradual

MineTan’s Workout Ready Gradual Tan Foam is the perfect tanning must-have for beauty lovers who also love the gym and a regular workout. Following the success of their Workout Ready Self Tan Foam, the tan that won’t sweat off is now also available in an everyday gradual tan foam. Made to complement the hard work you put into your body, Workout Ready boasts a unique formulation that allows perspiration to pass through the tan instead of taking it off so you can tan while you tone! Perfect for the active person to maintain a gorgeous tan amongst their mornings spent in the gym instead of watching it all come off onto their activewear.

There is also the Workout Ready Outdoor Tan Oil which is also a gradual tanning formula which comes in a mist spray bottle to give you a deep golden glow on the go while still featuring the unique sweat-proof formula.


Coconut Water Everyday Glow

Coconut Water Everyday Glow

The world’s first coconut water-based tan is now also an everyday gradual tan for you to build up a gorgeously hydrating tan or maintain your current one with the intensely hydrating powers of natural coconut water. Supercharged with antioxidants to restore skin hydration and revitalize the skin, the weightless formula of Coconut Water Everyday Glow absorbs quickly to lock in moisture, while essential fatty acids found in natural coconut soothe dry areas and improve overall skin texture and tone. The boost in hydration replenishes the skin, making this gradual tan work as a natural moisturizer to help build or maintain a natural-looking golden glow. Talk about double-duty beauty!

Violet Everyday Glow

Violet Everyday Glow

MineTan’s best selling Violet Self Tan Foam is perfect for capturing naturally olive tones and producing a super rich, warm tan like no other. Now it is also available in a gradual tan formula as the perfect way to top up your Violet tan or totally build up a new one from scratch with Violet Everyday Glow. It will have you looking like you’ve just stepped off the beach in Positano or flew in from a Mediterranean holiday escape with its violet base made of a mix of violet and dark brown bronzers which counteract yellow and orange undertones in your skin.

 MineTan Face Tanning Range

Face Gradual Tans

MineTan also has a range of face tanners that use a gradual tanning formulation to produce a light, golden glow specifically for your face. As our faces are much more sensitive and/or prone to picking up excess from regular tanners, these products are designed specifically for the face intending to be super light, hydrating and easy to absorb so you can get a beautiful golden glow on your face every day without worrying about nasty tan build up on your face. The Luxe Oil Illuminating Tan Drops, Rose Illuminating Facial Tan Mist and Nano Mist Tan Compact are all great options if a perfect hydrating glow for your face sounds like something you need!

b.tan gradual tanners

Light, medium, dark gradual tans

b.tan also has a range of moisturising gradual tanning mousses which come in shades of light, medium and dark so you can totally tailor your gradual tan to your needs. If you’re only looking for a subtle, sun kissed glow, you’ll love sweet sunset vibes but if a medium shade is more your style, you should try cosmic candy glow. For those who love a violet base and a darker gradual tan, magic purple potion is the magic you need!

How to use

If you’re new to the magic of gradual tanning and wondering how to introduce into your beauty routine, check out below.

Build up a tan

You can use a gradual tanning foam from above to build up a tan from scratch by using it daily until you achieve your desired results. Just apply as you would a normal daily moisturiser with a tanning applicator mitt to dry, clean skin and you will begin to see a gradual tan enhancement within several days. The more you add, the more it builds so we recommend using daily until you achieve your desired result.

Extend your tan

Or you can use your gradual tanner to extend the life of your tan and top up the color, whether it’s self tan or a real tan. The moisturiser will keep your skin hydrated and supple, better for a long-lasting tan while a color will gradually develop over the next few days.

Wash your hands after use to ensure you don’t end up with hands darker than your body and always use a tan applicator mitt!

MineTan Applicator Mitt




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