May 30, 2018

The beauty behind clear self tanners

Ahh, self-tan… always full of innovation as we all search for a golden, healthy-looking glow while battling the common concerns of tan from orange tones, to the smell, to the transfer of the bronzers on our beloved articles of clothing, towels and bed sheets.

The latest innovation of clear, water tanners are the latest formulas that solve these issues while still delivering a natural-looking tanned skin finish. So let’s break down the beauty behind these new formulas.

It’s Clear 
Users might think the tint in a self tanning product is what gives the skin the color. However, the tint is only a guide to give an idea of the depth of tan it will produce. It also assists the user during the application process by showing what areas of the skin have been covered.

These new clear formulations reach a level of cosmetic elegance that older tanning products could only dream of. The feel and texture are akin to high-end facial moisturizers. They are silky and light without a hint of greasiness. You can apply the tanners and immediately go about your day (clothes and all!) without worrying about a transfer of color or people noticing the bronzer on your skin.

The Benefits 

While all self tanners are a good thing for the skin in that they provide a tan without the need for dangerous sun exposure or tanning beds, the perks don’t end there. Clear self tanners like the Minetan Micellar Water Collection have amped up the hydration and moisturization elements of the products.

Tan aficionados who have gone the suntan or tanning bed route know the skin dryness that results from those methods. However, clear tanners leave the skin softer and smoother after use. Their non-staining nature also means that clothing and bedding won’t suddenly wind up with a “tan”.

Micellar Water Self Tan

Top Notch Results 

Self tanners have improved over the years with regards to evenness of color, naturalness of the tan, and simplicity of application. Clear tanners enjoy all these advantages as well.

For those looking to bare some skin and want it to have a naturally tanned look, clear self tanners are nice option. They incorporate the latest technology in tanning preparations and combine them with a clean, luxurious formula that removes many of the drawbacks associated with self tanning.

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