March 6, 2015

TANspiration: Girls who always look flawlessly tanned

You’ve seen them and been green with envy. There are those girls who walk by and have a perpetual tan that makes your jaw drop. They haven’t been to the Bahamas and there’s no sign of that unsightly orange tint that comes with tanning creams. These girls have a healthy glow and look like they have been kissed by the sun when there is no sun in sight. You want to know what their secret is.

Try a Glowing, Self-Tanning Product

If you find the right product, you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful tan without the UV rays. Choose a lotion that is reputable, streak-free, and promises to have a natural appearance. You actually apply the product at night and allow it to develop while you are sleeping. Shower in the morning and enjoy a day of being bronze. You can look this way all the time and you don’t have to cook your skin or spend a fortune at the tanning beds.

Give it a Go with a Bronzing Mousse

Scope out your options and you’ll discover bronzing mousse is another option that can give you a tan that is the envy of all others. You’ll love how easy it is to apply to your skin and if you choose wisely, can find a product that will nourish your skin as well. Many products will actually cause the tan to deepen after you apply it.

Seek Out a Professional Spray Tan Therapist

When you want to ensure that you have an even application of a spray tan and that the color of the tan is a match for your skin tone, consider seeing a spray tan therapist. You’ll be in professional hands as you tan your skin with products that are safe and effective.

Explore Other Options

There is a host of tanning products on the market. From tanning gels to sparkling body balm, there is sure to be a tan in a bottle that will work for you. Read reviews and testimonials before you go out to spend your hard-earned money. You want to make sure you choose a quality product that is recognized for its positive results. You’ve seen those fake tans that are so obvious. You want to be like those girls who look like they’ve been at the beach. Tap into their secrets and you can be a bronzed goddess too.



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