August 18, 2021

top tips for sun-safe tanning

It’s true babes just wanna have sun – we know, us too. And who doesn’t feel all glowy – inside and out – with a…

July 24, 2021

girls just wanna have sun

Introducing more ways to b.tan in and out of the sun 😍  We’ve got an all-new range of gradual tan lotions and whips to grow…

June 25, 2021

up your tanning game at Walgreens

We’ve got an all new, one stop shop for all your b.tan needs from sunless tanning at home to our brand new line of products…

May 28, 2021

the glow-down on our new gradual range

Introducing, our extended gradual tan range. Now available in three different color depths, you to take charge and grow your glow your own way. Packed…

March 11, 2021

say hello to b.fresh

the new kids on the block We know you come to us to get tanned AF… but why stop there? Get fressssh AF with…

January 5, 2021

5 things to start doing in 2021 for the best tan results YET

Say no to hot showers  We know that we tell our bronzed up babes to do a luke warm rinse to get any guide colors…

September 10, 2020

How to Make Your Dark Tan Last Longer

Maybe you’re new to self tan or a seasoned pro, but you never stop your search for the next best way to keep your fake…

July 18, 2020

Which product is best for you?

When you begin to explore the world of self tan, it can seem a bit daunting. The combination of lotions, gradual tans, instant tans, mousses…

May 7, 2020

How to keep your hands clean when you’re on the go

Ever since we were kids, it’s been drilled into our heads to wash our hands and sing along to our ABCs or ‘Happy Birthday’ twice…

April 22, 2020

Why you should incorporate squalane oil into your skincare routine

It feels like every couple of years the beauty industry introduces the latest and greatest product we should use in our everyday skincare. What’s the…



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