July 1, 2019

Reasons why your tan looks streaky

Self tanning and spray tanning have both come a long way from the old concerns of them being orange and horrible, but this doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes still run into some concerns, such as a streaky tan.

If you’ve rinsed off your tan and ‘streaks’ seem to have appeared, there could be a number of reasons why and also a number of ways you can fix it.

You didn’t rinse correctly

One of the biggest causes of a streaky tan is due to rinsing off the tan incorrectly after development. First and foremost, you should only rinse in a lukewarm, 45-second shower with no lotions, gels or soaps as a long, hot shower with all of your favourite body washes will simply strip the tan.

Additionally, we find a lot of tanners worry about the product they applied completely ‘washing away’ thinking that they have totally lost their tan. Wrong! These bronzers you see washing down the drain are only guide colors so you can see where you’re tanning and you must ensure you rinse them all off so that your body is evenly tanned all over without streaky water lines down your legs. Make sure the water in your shower runs clear off your body before finishing your rinse. If you’ve applied quite a lot of product, you may also wish to lightly run your hand over your skin to help lift all of the product off your skin and wash it down the drain.

You had excess products on your skin

If you have any other products on your skin at the time of tanning or even directly after application, streaking may occur as the tanning actives cannot be absorbed properly by your skin due to the extra barriers. Ensure your skin is totally free from gels, lotions, deodorants, perfumes etc.

If you have dry bits that you like to moisturise before tanning (i.e. knees, hands etc.) ensure you keep the moisture to these places only and steer clear of oil-based moisturisers as they can strip the tan in some places.

You didn’t exfoliate or cleanse correctly

It can be tempting to forego exfoliating or cleansing your skin properly before tanning, but then you risk a streaky tan! As our skin cells all turn-over and shed at different times, it’s vital that you start with a fresh canvas so that your tan is applied evening and won’t go streaky or patchy.

Using MineTan’s Ultra Cleansing Tan Eraser is a quick, easy and hydrating way to cleanse your skin prior to tanning while creating the perfect fresh canvas for the perfect, even tan.

Your skin was too dry/too hydrated

As tanning actives can dry skin out, if your skin is already quite dry, you may have some problems. Using a particularly moisturising tan with specific ingredients to target dry skin is key that will ensure your tan blends in evenly. Examples include MineTan’s Luxe Oil range or Coconut Water Self Tan Foam. While you may have some spots that are drier than others (such as hands, elbows etc.) so simply using a touch of a moisture-rich lotion over these areas will ensure the tan goes over these areas nicely.

Additionally, there is such a thing as skin that is too hydrated! As this means the tanning product can slide straight off in some places – causing an uneven tan. This is exactly why we suggest not using moisturisers and gels too close to your tanning application.

You didn’t apply it evenly

You should take particular care when applying your tan to blend it in as well as possible. Using a velvety smooth tan application mitt is key to blending in tan for a streak-free finish!

If you’re using a spray tan gun and streaks are appearing, you can also use a mitt to smooth these streaks straight out.

How to fix your streaks

If you’ve applied and rinsed off your tan and are now seeing streaks, we recommend starting to buff out and remove the tan using our tips and tricks here and then re-applying with a gradual tanning moisturiser which will gradually top up color while keeping your skin hydrated.



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