March 16, 2016

What to Consider Before Starting Your Own Tanning Business

Starting your own tanning salon requires hard work, dedication, the right products and a certain amount of business savvy. Follow these tips to make your first salon a success.

Choose the Right Facilities Carefully consider both your present needs and future goals before you choose a space for your salon. How many tanning beds will you feature at first? Do you plan on adding more in the future? Will your facility’s power supply support expansion? Is there room for spray tanning services? Thinking about these issues now will ensure you choose a space that can grow with your business in the future.

Understand the Costs

One of the most important things to consider when opening any business is operational costs. Before you open the doors to your tanning salon, understand precisely how much it costs to operate your beds, how much you need to charge to turn a profit, what you will spend on building maintenance, cleaning costs, staff and other expenses.

Create an Experience

Make your tanning salon a destination for customers by creating a relaxing, luxurious atmosphere. Small touches, like soft lighting, appealing decor and the right music can really set your salon apart from the competition and create an experience your customers want to indulge in again and again.

Get Informed

You and your staff should know all the ins-and-outs of both tanning and running a salon. Visit competing salons in your area, and make note of their prices, cleanliness, customer service, amenities and tanning beds. Research tanning in general, and be prepared to answer questions about its safety while stressing that sunless tanning can promote well-being, relieve psoriasis and acne and help in the production of vitamin D.

Choose the Right Products

People will come to your salon in search of the perfect tan, and the right products will deliver it. Tan Easy Pro Tools are designed by experts with over 15 years of experience in the industry, and their ground-breaking machines will be the reason customers return to your salon time and time again. Combining Tan Easy Pro Tools and the aforementioned tips will ensure your business will be a hit!

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