May 17, 2017

Social Media 101: Tips to Run Your Social Media Like a Boss!

We love supporting salons and mobile tanners on social, so here’s some practical tips to help you welcome just as much traffic to your Instagram or Facebook as you do through your salon doors!

1. *starts playing Justin Bieber’s Purpose* So remind me again why you’re on social? Know your purpose and which social media platform makes sense for you to be putting energy into. Facebook is the greater driver towards sale generation (as you can include links in your posts directing your followers to shop from your website). Alternatively, Instagram is more aesthetic and allows the images of followers (wearing/using your tanning products) to be involved in helping create your brand story.

2.  Like every comment you receive! If a fan leaves you a lengthy comment, reply and match their effort.

3. Don’t be afraid of video! Download the free Boomerang app and create some fun content with movement (feature your clients and products too!).

4. Follow your key customers/clients on Instagram so you can see as soon as they’ve posted after a spray tan (and repost their content).

5. How often should you post = how many hours of Netflix should I watch this weekend. There are no rules! Whether you want to post twice a week or once a day, the content needs to always be relevant, original and high quality. Posting multiple times a day though can be risky as you want to avoid exhausting your followers or seeing a drop off in likes and comments, so remember this too: your followers have other stuff to do (like tan and watch Netflix).

6. Trying to take all of your photos yourself like a silly sausage? Fear not! Encourage your clients to post photos of themselves featuring their spray tan and to tag you in them. This gives you content to repost to your social media and helps others find out about your salon (reason #103748 why user generated content is the bees knees).
Tan-Liner!). Try these: #tan #tanline #tannedup #tanning #tanningtime #tanned #tannedskin #spraytan #spraytanning #tanspo

8. Include your website link in your Instagram bio, and use your captions to direct fans to click the link to shop online.

9. It’s all about lighting! Like any photography, no amount of filtering or app-editing will save a photo that’s poorly lit. Natural light is always best, so early morning, late afternoon and overcast days are prime times for shooting.

10. Here’s something you already knew: your fans and followers are simply the best, so go and reward them! Post an offer to your social media that can’t be found on your website or in-store. (Idea: if they quote a promo code you’ve posted on your Facebook, they get 10% off their spray tan). What are you still reading this for? Go! Reward!

11. Content idea: Snap photos of clients holding the spray tan solution that they’re wearing. Also saves you having to answer the same question x 50: “Which solution is this?”
Insta-productshashtag, that you and your clients can use anytime, and on any social platform when posting about your salon or tan results.

13. Everyone loves before-and-after shots when it comes to tanning. Just sayin’.

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