October 11, 2017

Skincare’s Latest Frontier: Magnetic Face Masks

You’ve probably noticed, but in case you haven’t, magnetic face masks are all the rage right now!
While magnetic facial masks are pretty new, the idea of using magnetics in healing is not. Magnetic therapy has been used for years especially for the treatment of orthopedic injuries and also to promote healing. But will it help your face? That question will probably need to be answered by each individual who wants to try them, but we’re here to give you a lil’ bit of guidance…
What is a Magnetic Mask?

These special types of facial masks are essentially like a regular mask. Some are for dry skin, others for oily skin; some are for older skin, some for younger; while others contain exotic ingredients such as special plant oils and even volcanic ash. In case you’re wondering, volcanic ash, which is naturally high in sulfur, is supposed to purify the skin and improve the overall complexion. Because the ash comes from volcanoes, which spew materials from deep inside the earth, volcanic ash is considered to be more pure than the clay used in ordinary mud masks. Sulfur is a natural anti-bacterial agent good for treating and preventing breakouts.

In case you’re thinking that you simply peel these masks off, well, no, you don’t. They are called magnetic masks for a reason! Imbedded in the mask’s materials are tiny specks of iron. When you’re ready to remove the mask, you use a special magnet that comes with your kit and sweep it across your face. The masks comes off in one piece, and it’s pretty amazing to see.

Are Magnetic Masks Better?

These magnetic facials are pricey, so you’re going to want to know what you get for the extra expense, right? Well, some claims are made that these masks interact with the ions present in skin, causing a boost in collagen production. They are supposed to increase blood flow to the skin as well.

Bio-Magnetic Face Masks

These are a little different. They use a special cloth actually imbedded with magnets. These are supposed to interact with red blood cells, which all contain iron, and are even touted to create a magnetic field around the face that influences the production of melatonin, a hormone necessary for restful sleep.

Do they Work?

Some women swear by these masks, but that information is anecdotal and highly subjective. What do doctors say? Well, there’s not a whole lot of research and evidence on the topic from out docs, so no real endorsements, but many do back the idea of magnetic healing.

So why not give it a go you little beauty trend trail blazer you!



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