April 8, 2015

How Skin pH Levels Affect A Spray Tan

Believe or not, your skin’s pH levels can highly affect the results of a spray tan. If you’re wondering just what exactly pH is, it is a measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration present on your skin. pH is measured on a scale from 0-14; where lower numbers indicate a more acidic nature while a higher number indicates a more basic nature. 7 is a completely neutral substance such as pure distilled water which has not been exposed to air.

Skin pH Levels

Generally, the pH values of the skin range from about 4.5-6.0, 5.5 being the most common value. Skin is said to have what’s called an acidic mantle meaning a thin oily layer is natural excreted to protect and lubricate the skin. This is a way that your skin naturally fights the growth of bad bacteria and keeps a comfortable level of moisture in your day to day life.

Finding A Balance

Some skin products claim to balance pH levels even through they are quite alkaline. People who are prone to dry skin may have compromised integrity of the surface of the skin when using too many cosmetic products for this reason. It is a good idea to use such products in moderation to avoid getting too dried out. Dry skin can in turn create a poor result for your spray tan and the tan itself may turn out uneven and not last as long as is ideal. Patchy areas of uneven colour may also result if there are peeling dead skin areas which have not been exfoliated properly.

Tanning Solution pH Levels

pH values higher than 7 may create undesirable results or reactions to the skin. It is important to understand that when products sit for long periods of time, the pH balance within them may change to some extent. Luckily, a naturally formulated DHA solution will only change pH level to a 3 or 4 at most. A DHA solution should be formulated to its natural range of pH for best effectiveness on a wide variety of client skin types. It is also important to suggest a properly balanced aftercare moisturiser to keep the skin well hydrated after the solution is applied regardless of the pH of that product.

Preparation Products – Worth It?

There are quite a few pre-tanning products out on the market which are intended to be used to reduce the amount of oil on the skin before a sunless tan is applied. These can be a great resource for clients who have not properly exfoliated before their session begins. Sometimes, products like these claim they will balance skin pH but there is no proof the pH balancing effects are really that significant. It is more important that a pre-tan product can clean and even the tanning skin surface. It’s a good idea for all salon owners to look into using a preparation product on the skin of their clients before beginning the session for best results.

For example, the MineTan Ultra Cleansing Tan Eraser is designed to be used before tanning to remove any build up from the previous tan, cleanse the skin and balance skin pH levels to create the perfect canvas for the next tan. If you’re a spray tan professional, why not offer this to your clients to ensure they’re always coming to you with skin perfectly primed for your services? Then they will walk away with an ensured better result that they will thank & return to you for time and time again.



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