July 20, 2018

Simple Steps to Starting Your Beauty Business

Becoming your own business owner and offering a service that you love doing can be a scary, daunting venture… but it doesn’t have to be if you get started on the right foot. Unfortunately, in a beauty world that is increasingly competitive, the wrong moves and inadequate planning could result in a business that fails within the first few months or years. This failure could result in financial problems, lost reputation and an inability to want to continue within your career. However, when it comes to starting your own salon or mobile beauty business, we’re here to help with these key tips for starting your hustle and totally succeeding.
Have the Proper Skills
One of the most important things that comes with any mobile beauty business or salon is having the right skills to get the job done. Sure, it might be tempting to open your own salon right out of cosmetology school, but you need to have a few years of experience before you can truly call yourself an expert and be prepared to be held totally accountable in your own business. This means working for other salons and beauty businesses before making the decision to start your own. Ideally, you should also continually expand on your skills by going back to school, taking classes and going to seminars specific to what you offer. When you’re good at what you do, more people will come to you to get their hair done, a tan done or their nails finished.
Gain a Flow of Clients
The customer is king when owning any type of business. You need to not only gain a flow of clients, but you need to keep them happy and coming back regularly. The best way to gain clients is to market and advertise both online and off. This means offering brochures, business cards, a website and information on how they can find you on social media. Have someone to answer phones regularly to schedule appointments, as even one missed call could mean losing out on a potential long-term customer.

Have a Budget
Starting a business is no easy feat and often costs entrepreneurs thousands of dollars. Because of this, you need to set yourself a specific budget in what you’re willing to invest in your salon or mobile beauty business. You may need to take out a business loan in order to have the funds to pay for everything.

Offer the Right Products and Have Excellent Equipment
If you offer a tanning service, products like MineTan, b.tan and TanEasyProTools are specifically designs to help people get and stay tan whenever they come into your establishment. The products and tools that you offer to your customers will make an enormous difference in the productivity of your salon or mobile service. For example, using higher-quality shampoos, conditioners, tanning products and nail varnishes will provide a better salon experience, encouraging people to either buy the products from you or come back to have it done again.

Your reputation as a business owner is also important, so it’s imperative that you offer great customer service and handle issues both online and off as soon and as professionally as possible. Give your beauty business a few months to a few years to grow to its full potential and never lose hope, even if you feel like you’re not doing well. If you continue to put the time and effort into growing your company, it will eventually get to a point where it’s paying off.

Don’t forget to regularly check out our tips for our beloved experts for all the insider hacks and latest info to help you succeed in your beauty biz!



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