March 19, 2019

Should you have a dress code in your beauty business?

There’s no denying the fact that, in a beauty business, the appearance of you and your staff is vital. From clothing to grooming, what you and your employees look like says a lot about your business to clients and potential customers, so it is one aspect worth thinking about. There are generally a few ways you can manage appearances; establishing a uniform, establishing more of a dress code compared to a uniform or leaving it up to the individual. These each have their pros and cons as each beauty business has their own personality and style, so let’s talk about the options below and how you can start implementing these changes.

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Should you have a uniform?

A lot of beauty businesses are doing away with the uniforms that were more commonplace once upon a time. The beauty industry is one enhanced by creativity and so a lot of creative stylists and beauticians would rather let their individuality shine through and this is something a uniform does not exactly allow. However, uniforms do have their advantages as they exude professionalism, garner trust in customers and make it much easier to manage what others are wearing.

Not only that, but it does ensure safe and appropriate clothing is worn which is important when we are often working with products and objects that could potentially be harmful or destroy clothing, such as overspray spray tan solutions or hot wax. So a uniform, or at the very least some form of protective wear such as aprons, can be a great idea particularly if you have employees. Not to mention, if you have a busier salon, you and your customers will be able to spot the difference between a staff member and a regular customer!

Furthermore, a uniform can be an additional step in your salon or business marketing and branding. Name badges or t-shirts with your branding add a level of professionalism in your business while also promoting you. Wearing clothing that promotes you or brands you use, such as a MineTan Tanning Expert Salon T-Shirt gives the appearance of authority and expertise in the area. Providing these options to your staff is a way of ensuring the image being portrayed is one you have chosen yourself and represents you and your brand as a whole.

What you could have in place of a uniform, but still in an effort to manage appearances is a dress code. This works as a guide for you and your staff and a means of enforcement if you need to speak to an employee regarding their appearance. Dress codes often allow for individuals own style to shine through while also maintaining a particular image. Dress codes often include things such as grooming requirements (no chipped nail polish, tidy/styled hair etc.) and clothing suggestions (black and white only, enclosed shoes etc.). With this, you can still throw in elements of your brand without going to too much effort, such as name badges or t-shirts and aprons as a core essential piece or that you and your staff can elect to wear at different times while adhering to a particular color scheme.


Establishing a dress code

When establishing a dress code for you and your staff, you should first think about why you want it. Are you hoping to raise the professional bar and standard of your business? Are you looking to solve staff problems by choosing the right things to wear? This will help you establish the kind of aspects you’d like to cover in your code and, if need be, how to relay it to your staff and get them excited for it rather than seeing it as a hindrance.

An important part of managing and regulating an aspect of your business is ensuring it is in writing so that it can be explained and understood as you’d like it to be. Having an actual guide and/or catalogue to provide your workers (or even just for yourself!) with a consistent idea of what is expected of them and how they can adhere to your rules. You can even offer insight into what the best places to purchase items are and what some definite no-nos are (like trackies or leggings!).


Some things to consider:

  • Clothing: should you pick a core piece, i.e. a logo t-shirt? Will you introduce a color scheme or perhaps a particular style and allow your staff to wear whatever colors they please? Do you need your staff to wear clothes that protect them from certain things i.e. spray tan overspray, risky equipment? You could also consider requiring their clothes to be clean and presented well.
  • Grooming: for those who work in the beauty industry, it is usually understood that you may require they keep to a certain standard in their beauty routine. For example, if you offer hair services, you might like to introduce guidelines concerning hairstyles and grooming, some beauty salons ask their staff to always wear a shade of red lipstick as it enhances their branding. However, it is a good idea to be very mindful to not be too strict in this area as to make your employees feel too concerned or insecure about their appearance and keep conversation around the area understanding and comforting.
  • Interchangability: your dress code needs to understand the weather! Consider all times of year and as many circumstances as you can. Also, consider different sizes, affordability and versatility. The easier you make your code on yourself and your staff, the easier it will be to abide by!

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