September 21, 2018

Self Tan for Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin but still want to enjoy the benefits of a gorgeous self tan? Well, you can! With so many self tanning products on the market, it seems like the possibilities are endless, but when you have sensitive skin, you need to be extra vigilant on what ingredients your self tan product contains so you don’t cause yourself any irritation for the sake of a beautiful glow. So understanding what products are needed and not needed is important.

Always perform a patch test

Before going ahead and trialling products on your whole body, we always recommend performing a small patch test somewhere on your body with the product you are trialling before applying all over. This will give an indication to how your skin will react to that particular product without irritating your whole body. It’s also great for finding out what the color will look like!

Ingredients to stay away from

Synthetic chemicals like parabens often find their sneaky way into a self tanning formula, and then, there is the fragrance issue as a lot of brands try to combat the bad smell usually associated with self tanning. These two elements alone can cause your delicate skin to react and freak out.

MineTan has quickly become a leading self tanning brand with fresh, nourishing formulas that create an even tan with realistic skin tone depth, hydration and a comfortable feeling even for sensitive skin. Each product also proprietary odour inhibitors so that there is no fake tan smell but no fragrance to flare up sensitive skin types.


What is DHA?

An ingredient you will find in all self tan products us the DHA active component. Those initials stand for Dihydroxyacetone, and that is the colorless ingredient present in self tanning formulas that produces the darkening effect.

DHA is not harmful, but the substance can react differently to people’s faces and bodies. For those with sensitive skin, DHA can make the skin angry with irritation, redness, a rash, etc. We talk more about DHA here.

MineTan is proud of their unique, safe formulas that use only “naturally derived DHA Tan Actives.” These elegant components are derived from the brand’s exclusive blend of botanical fruit extracts and plush amino acids. The formula is gentle and kind to sensitive skin, so any annoying issues of the dermis do not develop.


Hydrating your sensitive skin

The whole range of MineTan products are designed for all skin types and all include only skin-loving ingredients, so most skin types (even you sensitive types) won’t have too much trouble. However, with MineTan’s extensive variety, fans rave about the brand’s special formulas specifically designed to target certain concerns. Take, for instance, the Coconut Water Collection. It’s made with real coconut water (the world’s first!) that delivers that deep, luxe-brown tan with super moisturization which means it is perfect for sensitive skin types.



Similarly, the My Moroccan Self Tan Foam is another favorite for sensitive and dry skin types as it infused with rich argan oil for the ultimate dark bronze finish. It’s nourishing and packed with healthy botanicals.

Using a gradual tanning moisturiser is also a less invasive way to develop a gorgeous glow while keeping your skin hydrated and healthy.

MineTan also offers their unique Bronze On Applicator Mitt for achieving the ideal, smooth, airbrushed tan that turns heads. The mitt is velvety and designed to create the best even tan for their tanning foams and lotions and is super soft on your skin.

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