March 11, 2021

say hello to b.fresh

the new kids on the block

We know you come to us to get tanned AF… but why stop there? Get fressssh AF with our new range of odor zapping deodorants. All paraben free, aluminum free, alcohol free, cruelty free, with natural fragrance.

We all like smelling great, but if you also like to love that skin you’re in, then say hello to the b.fresh range of armpit loving, odor zapping deodorants. Why not smell great and nourish skin in five amazing scents.

positive vibes only

No bad vibes allowed near these happy pits. with the sweet, calming scent of lush lavender, your pits will be practically smiling and shooing away those haters bringing bad vibes. even better, the added goodness of jojoba oil will add an extra boost of hydrated happiness. Let’s be real, everyday is a positive day once those pits are taken care of. so get them smelling like lavender & feeling nourished AF and tell those bad vibes bye-bye!

fressssh AF!

What does it take to have the freshest pits town? Just a grapefruity good deodorant with hyaluronic acid is all. Smell sweet AF with a refreshing citrus scent from some great smelling essential oils while we knock out that odor you’ve been giving off with only natural ingredients. You’ll feel even fresher with the added goodness of our fave acid (hyaluronic acid, that is) giving you an extra boost in hydration, smoothness and nourishment so your pits will be more than just fresh… they’ll be fressssh AF!

nutty bout coconut

Ain’t nothing wrong with going a lil’ nutty bout coconut when coconut smells great + leaves your skin feeling even greater. With this coconutty vanilla scented deodorant your pits will be smellin’ like the yummy kind of coconutty cocktail you have on a tropical holiday. The holiday doesn’t end there though… we’ve blended in some nourishing argan oil for an extra soothing, hydrating treat for those pits of yours. Isn’t it about time you gave those pits a yummy treat without the nasties?

stop and smell the…

We know you’re a busy lil’ bee with a lot of things to see + people to do but sometimes you gotta just stop and smell the roses… let us bring those roses to you with the help of this rose-scented deodorant that will keep you fresh during your busy day. You’re already a rose in a garden full of thorns (own it, babe), now you’ll smell the part all day every day while we nourish your skin with the added goodness of hyaluronic acid to smooth, hydrate + nourish. It’s all rose and no thorns here with no added nasties going near those glorious-smelling pits of yours.

sweeter than…

What’s the only thing sweeter than honey? You, sweet thang, but only when you have this honey almond-scented deodorant smothered in your happy lil’ pits making sure your underarms smell great but your skin feels even better. We also added marula oil ‘cos it’s a natural moisturizer that also helps combat grease and acne that can build up in your warm areas like your armpits. It may sound too sweet to be true, but here we are….

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