January 20, 2019

Salon Trends for Your 2019 Marketing Plan

The rise of digital and social media marketing has proven to be a huge success for beauty salons and mobile beauticians already. Now there are more and more new and upcoming trends that are the perfect additions to your marketing plan to help you expand your reach and your customer list.

Influencer marketing

This has already been around for many years and is used by most big brands and businesses as a part of their core marketing strategy. Now we’re seeing more growth in salons and beauticians using influencers to promote their business. This is great for influencers or notable people in your region with a strong, local following that are likely to see their content and then remember your salon name when they’re searching for the same services.

If this is something you’d like to look into, we’d recommend searching for people in your area that have followings anywhere from 5K+ and offering them your services as a one-off or regularly in exchange for promotion on their social media.

Video and live marketing

While this is another way of marketing that has been around for a while, it has proven to be more vital than ever for really standing out amongst the crowd. Photos of results just aren’t cutting it on their own anymore and more and more beauticians should be thinking of showing results via video and showing the progress on the way to the results.

More ideas for video and live marketing include tutorials or meeting the owner or team! Make sure you also jump on Instagram stories as there is potential for huge reach here and a lot of ways to get creative with video and showing the behind-the-scenes which regular customers and even potential customers find super interesting.

Investing in ads

Facebook ads and Google ads are simply the most effective way of ensuring your content and your business is showing on social media and just spending a small amount can go a long way if you get your targeting right. Putting ad spend behind special promotions and offers, especially around key events or holidays in your region, will draw in so many new customers while also reminding previous customers of the special treatment they get from you.

Humanizing the business

To stand out from competitors, we’re also seeing more and more salons and beauty business put the human (you!) behind the business in the forefront. Why not make all of your marketing your voice? Customers love a personal approach with businesses, they love to know that there is someone like them running the business and not some nameless face that only cares for profit and not for their customers. Your business is your story, so share it! Get behind the camera and create some great content on social media that shows your regulars and potential customers who you and your business are.

What are some marketing trends you’re keen to try with your salon? Tell us below!



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