February 16, 2018

Salon social media: regramming the right way

Social media has quickly become an integral part of almost every business, especially in the beauty industry. It provides a platform for us to both promote our businesses but also engage with our clients in an authentic, fun way! It can help to reach a wider demographic and generate interest in your company by showing off your skills and your happy clients.

It is important to understand the power and the function of social media. In order to correctly operate social media accounts attached to a business, you should do the proper amount of research. Some key elements to grasp are how to correctly “regram” photos, the best overall practices, captions, and tagging.

“Regramming” refers to the process of sharing another user’s content. Instagram doesn’t have an option to automatically repost images. This is a feature that is common on other platforms such as Twitter. However, with Instagram, the process can be done manually. It is usually a great idea to ask permission from the original poster before you post the image to your account (or ask your client while they’re in your company if they’d like to be shared on your account!). Then, to manually upload another user’s content, you can take a screenshot of the image. Next, you need to crop out anything within the screenshot that detracts from the original photo. Lastly, you upload the photo to your account. Don’t forget to credit the original poster by tagging them in the caption and the photo. This means they’ll also get a notification so they’re likely to check it out!

It is also important to note that many users would prefer that the image is not edited in any way when it is reposted. For example, you shouldn’t add any filters or text to the image. There are also a few other important things to keep in mind when “regramming”. You should never make the image appear as though it is your own. This can be prevented by mentioning the original poster’s username as well as by using hashtags to reference them.



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