July 10, 2017

QVC goes coco-nuts over MineTan Coconut Coffee

We all know coffee and coconut fix everything… but have you added them to your tanning regime?

It seems thousands did when MineTan’s very own Skin Finishing Expert Sam O’Brien took the innovative MineTan Coffee Coconut Self Tan Foam onto QVC where it sold out in only minutes! Those who got their hands on the pack enjoyed the Coffee Coconut Self Tan Foam, Coffee Scrub and Bronze On Applicator Mitt and QVC viewers have been raving about it the hydrating results ever since!

The Mine Coffee Scrub is perfect for creating the perfect canvas for the perfect tan by exfoliating and revitalising skin with a full caffeine kick. The 2-in-1 treatment removes dead, flaky skin cells, eliminates uneven skin tone and stretch marks, and smooths and prepares your skin for the perfect sunless tan.

Then, using our velvety Bronze On Applicator Mitt for a streak-free finish to apply the Coconut Coffee Self Tan Foam, you’re guaranteed the most hydrating, perfect tan ever!

Why coconut + coffee?

  • Coconut Water is rich in antioxidants helping to protect your skin from the damage of free radicals.
  • Caffeine invigorates, firms and tones the skin, and helps reducing stretch marks and cellulite.
  • Coconut Water contains Cytokinins which is scientifically proven to slow down the ageing process.
  • Tanning using Coconut water means ultra-Hydration, keeping your skin in its best condition for a longer lasting tan.

All those benefits and a exotic, dark, healthy looking tan? Yes please!

How to use

Tan mitt

For a streak-free beautiful tan, pump your 1 hour Coconut/Coconut Coffee Foam onto your Bronze On Applicator mitt and rub onto a dry, exfoliated skin in elongated circular motion, using the instant gorgeous bronze finish as a guide. Use sparingly on elbows, knees, ankles and knuckles. Allow a few minutes before getting dressed.

Shower in 1 hour for a natural, glowing tan. Leave on longer, for a deeper, darker tan. Do not use soaps or scrubs during the first rinse off and rinse with lukewarm water only for 45 seconds for the best, lasting tan result.

The express tan foam will begin to activate immediately and will continue to deepen in color over the next 24 hours. Regular showering with soaps can begin 8-16 hours after application. You can extend your tan by reapplying any of the Mine self tanning products.


Read more about MineTan’s Coconut Coffee and QVC reviews here!





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