December 20, 2018

Quick tips to take your makeup from day to night

Whether it’s an after work date or just drinks with your friends, we all occasionally find ourselves needing a quick beauty touch-up before leaving the office after a day of work. While it would be great if we could remove the makeup we’ve worn all workday and start all over again with a fresh glam look, we rarely have the time or resources to make that happen. So we’re sharing some quick little beauty hacks that will build on your days makeup and bring it into the night.

Go for bold

There are a few little statement hacks you can go for that will immediately add a bold look to your face to make it look like you spent longer in front of the mirror than you really did. Keeping a statement lip color on hand is key for this, think a bold red or a color you wouldn’t wear to a meeting but would definitely wear to meet a potential date.


Focus on your eyes

Your eyes have probably felt the bulk of the strain of the work day so they’re always a great place to start when trying to brighten up your look for the night.

If you’ve got the skills to do a quick wing, grabbing a eye liner pen and adding a wing to your look will give an extra dimension and lift to your eyes after they’ve felt the strain of the work day.

Add some shimmer and color to the eyes that you would never rock in the office but is perfect for a few drinks and getting noticed in the crowds out at night. Metallic tones are perfect for a quick brightening where a little bit really goes a long way and tells everyone you’re not heading home to watch Netflix, you’re ready to get social!

Highlight your features

When most of your makeup has faded throughout the day, adding some extra dimension to the face is key. And it doesn’t have to be hard! Rather than a full contoured look, go for a light sweep of bronzer and highlighter over all the usual places to liven up your face without it being too dramatic.

Nano Mist Tan Compact

Refresh & add some glow

When the office lights have left your face looking as dull as the work week, add some extra glow and refresh your face with a quick tan top up! MineTan’s Nano Mist Tan Compact is created for these exact scenarios. The Nano Mist is the ultimate compact beauty tool that combines an amazing facial moisturizer with a self tan that’s small enough to have at your desk or in your handbag. Using Nano Atomization Technology, tan is absorbed by the skin faster than ever before leaving it feeling soft, hydrated and refreshed. The fast drying formula builds a natural tan gradually over the next few hours, so it’s perfect for giving your face an extra top up of moisture and tan before heading out of the office.

The Rose Illuminating Facial Tan Mist is another face tanner that’ll hydrate and top up your face tan with just a small spritz before leaving the office.


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