April 23, 2019

Offline marketing ideas for your beauty biz

While of course digital and social media marketing is so important to get new clients and keep old customers engaged and loyal, there’s a number of marketing and promotion ideas in the offline world that are just as effective in generating exposure for your salon or beauty business. We’re giving some easy, effective ideas you can implement into your marketing strategy to raise awareness about your business in your local community and encourage customer loyalty.

Trade shows and local events

Industry trade shows are a great way of networking and getting the name of your business out there. Whether it’s from meeting like-minded professionals that can benefit you in the long run or meeting potential customers who are looking for something specific. For example, if you offer makeup, spray tanning and hair styling services, looking into as many bridal trade shows as you can is a great way of networking with similar beauticians and generating new leads.

Many local events such as markets or festivals are also beneficial – for example, you can offer “touch up” services on makeup, hair or tan!


Another great way of getting involved with your local community is through sponsorship. From sponsoring and taking part in events to supporting sports teams that align with your brand. This cements your name and brand as a leader in the community and people will often keep you in mind when looking for these services down the track!

Donate to local causes

If you can’t sponsor, consider donating. Local raffles, fundraisers or causes are a great way to give back to the community. Consider offering a voucher for a spray tan or other service in your business.

Hair and pampering services are also a great way to give back to the community by offering your skills in nursing homes or hospitals.

Or if you keep salon retail products in your business, why not donate a few of those?


Host your own events

Hosting events is a great way to get people talking about your business and to get localised coverage in local publications and on social media. If your business is having a birthday or even a launch, consider hosting a party – it can really be as big or small as you like – and invite people that will offer coverage.

Hosting “pamper parties” is also a great service idea for a beauty business and a great way to provide package deals that will drive profit for you. For example, you can offer birthday or hen’s night pamper parties complete with spray tanning, facials, nails, hair and makeup! You can get other beauty businesses or professionals involved with you to fill in the blanks on services you don’t currently offer.

Collab with local businesses/publications

Make sure other local business leaders know who you are. Approach local publishers, directories and broadcasters and build relationships with other industry professionals that could benefit you in the long run – such as a local event planner or photographer that could direct people your way for beauty services.

Offer specific discounts

Why not offer and advertise discounts like a birthday or student discounts! Even offering local workplaces special discounts such as if you work in a shopping centre, others who work in the centre are entitled to 10% off all treatments.

Loyalty/referral programs

Incentives such as loyalty and referral programs are a great way to encourage engagement from the client base you already have. Offer 10% off for each person someone refers or offer a free spray tan for every 5 they purchase, such as MineTan’s ready-made-for-you Client Loyalty Cards. Word of mouth marketing and loyal customers are some of your best assets you can really utilise!

Are you a beauty professional or looking to start a beauty business? Partner with MineTan for the best possible spray tan service & marketing.




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